ugh, where has the time gone? sorry for being MIA - just have a lot going on and after feeling pretty good up to this point - monday evening something changed and i've been feeling pretty crappy... i STILL thank my lucky stars every day that this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful (no heartburn, no hemorrhoids, decent weight gain, etc.), but other stuff is starting to happen and it's taking me some time to adjust... like lower back pain, pelvic pain, insomnia, over-emotional, swollen feet... i've cried uncontrollably both monday and last night even though i know this is almost over and that i'm in the home-stretch... let's just hope they induce me sooner, rather than later, or that the little bugger comes on his own (crossing fingers)...

sunday was our last baby class and i thought my alien chestburster shirt would be appropriate... little did i know that after class - instead of going to my friend's house to watch football, i would be going to my surprise baby shower... opps, so much for being funny (i knew i should've packed something else)... most people found it amusing (ok, maybe not my mom), but how was i supposed to know... and if eric had told me to change - then i would've suspected for sure...

the shower was really nice - all but one of eric's sister came, along with his mom, and all the way from pittsburgh... many of my closest girlfriends were there, along with 2 of my aunts, my sister, my nieces, and of course - my mom... we got a lot of really cute things including a big, yellow tonka truck for when he's bigger, a diaper cake, a really cool sticker calendar, and of course - lots of adorable clothes... since there were some things still left on the registry, i'll be getting those later this week and hopefully - everything will be delivered/set-up in time... and if not, i will NOT stress about it... so here's a big THANKS to those that helped plan the shower - i am truly blessed... :)

so what else has been going on... the treadmill was delivered on saturday and is now in our basement, though it hasn't found a permanent home... we're just not sure where it should go or how we should arrange things since space is limited... it's pretty nice though - has several preplanned workouts, up to 12% incline, and a 2-speed fan which is always nice... my couch & chair were also delivered on saturday - both look amazing and like brand-new furniture (which they are since they tore it down to the frame)... eric assembled the sofa and end tables so once the recliner is picked-up this weekend and our old couch is gone - the LR will be complete... okay, i still have photos to frame/hang but the big stuff will be done... :)

today, we had a "meet and greet" with the pediatrician that my good friend recommended... it's about 10-minutes from our house and quite impressive with things like doctor call-in times (3x a day!), online appointments, and an on-staff lactation specialist... and since they are only affiliated w/the hospital where i'm delivering, that makes things much easier too... yay! :)

tonight, the girls at work are taking me to dinner since i didn't want a work-shower... and of course i chose mexican - can't wait...

well, that's about it for now - i'll leave you w/some photos of my shower... enjoy! :)

Camevil  – (7:58 AM) that shirt! I got a "future zombie hunter" maternity Tee, which I can't wear enough. The website that sells it also has "dingo bait", which I'm tempted to grab.

Nice surprise shower!

Teresa  – (11:24 AM)  

Looking wonderful. Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care.

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