talk about weird

things are moving along - the biggest weekend to-do item we crossed-off the list was installing the car seat (in my car)... no, we did not have it checked by anyone - eric is very handy/technical and i have every reason to believe the baby will be safe and sound... and according to the level on the side of the seat - it's perfect, so i'm not going to worry... we also washed/detailed both cars and as soon as the other base arrives, we'll install it in his mini cooper... :)

eric also put together the recliner and i'm very happy with it - the ottoman also rocks so it will be a nice addition to the nursery... right now, it's in the LR until we get the recliner (which is on back-order until weds)... :)

i managed to wash all the clothes that i've acquired via yard sales, thrift stores, friends, and family and let me just say - this kid has more clothes than both of us combined! my god! i've sorted the bigger clothes in a bin but he has enough 0-3 and 3-6 sizes to last a year, and i know he'll only wear this stuff for a few weeks before moving-up a size... the top drawer is socks, hats, newborn-sized onsies and gowns for sleeping (which have been recommended by many friends since it makes diaper changes easier in the middle of the night)... the next drawer is full of 0-3 onsies, tops, and pants... i had the bottom drawer full of the next size up, but may put all his blankets in there unless they look better on the shelf - haven't decided yet... i'm still working on the furniture arrangement, so once i figure out how everything is going to be situated - i will do my final organizing... nothing has been put on the walls yet, though the shelf is ready and i have the decals... all the bedding has been washed and is also ready to go - i just have a lot of little stuff to take care of and then i can rest... oh, and i need to finish packing my hospital bag... :)

food update: i made the turkey meatloaf on saturday and that has been frozen... yesterday, i made sauce so now i just have to assemble everything for the lasagna and freeze... eric made an awesome beer-can chicken last night, so that meat will be used for enchiladas and everything else will be made into stock (which will also be frozen)... thanks for all the suggestions too, they will come in very handy! :)

doctor update: i had my weekly check-up on thursday and i brought eric along so we could ask the doctor a few questions... after my exam - he said i was dialated about 1 cm, the head was down which he could feel, and he wouldn't be surprised if i went into labor before my scheduled induction (which will be around 38-weeks)... he also said that me and the baby were a perfect match size-wise, so lets just hope that means my labor will be easy (ha ha ha)... :)

workout update: i know i'm not doing as much as i should be, but i haven't been sleeping well so it's hard to workout when i feel like utter crap... i DID manage 30-minutes on the elliptical today and am going to take it one day at a time at this point... :)

happy monday...

Foo  – (6:03 PM)  

How exciting...sounds like you are super prepared, even though it might not feel like your are ready. ;)

As for meals - from my blog, Porcupine meatballs freeze really well, you could freeze pulled pork and then get rolls from your delivery service, the cream cauliflower freezes well - tastes like mac n cheese. The wild rice and leek dish would be a good side, and the corn chowder was awesome heated up from the freezer. Wish you lived closer, I could cook you up a storm.

Julie  – (10:10 AM)  

Not that you asked, but I found out quickly after my first that putting the car seat in the backseat passenger side was a must. I was always patting a fussy baby, or fishing around for a pacifier. It is not as convient to have to walk around the car to get the baby in and out, but having them at arms length was a lifesaver.

Teresa  – (1:24 PM)  

Looks like you've got all your ducks in a row and are ready to go. Wishing you a speedy and pain free delivery. All the best.

ChrisB  – (7:07 AM)  

You sound as though you are well organised and just about ready for the main event! Wishing you lots of luck with the birth. So excited for you x

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