i did my part to stimulate the economy

i had to peak on the scale this morning and as expected, it's below yesterday's weigh-in as well as last week's - so there's hope after all... i WILL be going out of town though, which is always hard since my sister always has such tasty-treats in the house... it's like, "wow, i haven't had corn chips in a while" or "pop-tarts taste best straight from the toaster" kind of thing, but i will do my best since that's all i can do...

after my chiro appt last night (i've decided NOT to do the functional training), i met my mom at kohl's to do some shopping since we both had 30% coupons... i spent over a $100 but got some great deals like heavy-weight flannel sheets, space-saving hangers (since eric's closets are t-i-n-y), and some new workout capris... there was some other stuff that found it's way into my cart, but i saved over $50 + most of the stuff was already on sale... that's my kind of shopping! and the best part - mom gave me some leftover homemade potato & sausage soup that i'll be having for lunch today... go mom! :)

for those of you that watch LOST - man, that show just keeps throwing stuff at you, every, single week... love it! :)

since the weather was SO great yesterday - i went for a walk/jog down by GW and then back up constitution ave... people were out, doing their thing, like it was summer! believe me, i know it won't last but it was nice being outside without a jacket for a change... :)

happy thursday...

Teresa  – (10:58 AM)  

Have a fun weekend away. Congrats on the weigh in.

Rebecca  – (11:25 AM)  

oh god...isnt the weather beautiful!

exactly the motivation we need to continue on doing what we do best..hiihihi...

Sizzle  – (2:37 PM)  

LOST is messing with my mind!

carla  – (5:42 AM)  

how was the time out of town? poptartpacked or fraught with funsansfood??

Miz, the last person on earth NOT watching Lost.

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