it's been a busy week for me but today - things are rather slow, plus the boss is out (not that i'm complaining)... i was here late last night because i had to wait for a research report (that had to be posted on the website) so i went the gym and did about 30 mins on the treadmill... then i ran to home depot for paint swatches and a tape-gun thing, and then over to target for some bday cards, cereal, and cat food... exciting, let me tell you... :)

i found a woman on this website called (a yahoo group) that had some boxes she was willing to give-away - fine by me! she left them on her porch and i loaded them into my car the other night, after my functional training session... it went well i guess (he even said i was rather athletic! me? are you kidding?) but i'm just not feeling that it will be worth my while since i'd have to stop in 6 weeks anyway (because of moving)... we did a lot of ladder/floor exercises, some ball/balance moves, and dead-lifts on the machine (where i was told my form was as perfect as you could get!)... i can handle 1-night a week but 2-nights are ideal, and they'd have to be tues/weds which isn't the best scenario - decisions, decisions...

plans for the weekend: hit home depot and buy paint/supplies and window blinds; stop by a few estate/moving sales; organize some closets and laundry room; meet a girlfriend on sunday for lunch; workout at least ONE day; and relax... next weekend's a bust since my mom and i are going to see my sister, so i feel that we need to make SOME progress on the house sat/sun... why do i wish this was all over-and-done with already... :-(

have a great weekend, everyone... stay warm!

Camevil  – (12:04 PM)  

Wow, you are extremely busy and yet still found the time to work in some time at the gym. You're a human hurricane!

Teresa  – (12:59 PM)  

I like it when the boss is away too :). Have a great time get you place ready for the big move. Hope you do find time to relax somewhere along the way.

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