best game eva!

it's monday once again but at least i can say THE STEELERS WON THE SUPERBOWL! what an exciting, nail-biting, and crazy game - wish i could say the same about this year's commercials... i felt they were a bit of a letdown personally, even though i have a soft spot for those damn budweisers clydesdales... and as for the half-time show - i've never been a bruce springsteen fan so i can't really say if he was good or bad... i CAN say that i ate more crap than i should have, that's for sure (chips, pretzels, dip, and 1.5 browinies) but i'm putting it behind me and will be moving on! :-p

eric and me at his brother's house for the superbowl...
(yes, that's a steelers fat-head on their wall!)

what a man! ;-)

i hadn't worked out since last week because of work and not feeling well (had some sort of head/throat thing) so i took myself out for an hour walk/jog yesterday and enjoyed the 60 degree weather... it felt great and my legs are even a bit sore today since i did a few hills... might need to take it easy on the weights today... ouchie! :-p

not much else is new - been trying to get over this head-thing and then work has been busy/stressful again... i just need to keep my cool, stay active, keep eating well, and i'll be fine... eric and i went to this really good thai restaurant on saturday for lunch - why is that whatever he orders, tastes better than mine... i need to remember: green curry is better! anyway, i'm pretty sure this week's weigh-in will be bad so i'm already prepping myself for the big gain... :-(

happy monday...

Vickie  – (11:38 AM)  

we had the opposite for years - my husband always liked what I ordered better - to the point that I ordered for both of us for a long time - now I cook for both of us!

Teresa  – (11:55 AM)  

Ohhh sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Do hope you are better soon. Would you believe they block the commercials here, I will have to hunt them down online. How sad is that? Take care and get well soon.

Kim  – (1:14 PM)  

COULD YOU BELIEVE THAT GAME?!?!?! I was seriously wishing for my own oxygen mask by the end of it! :)

--cara  – (1:37 PM)  

I agree with you about the commercials. I thought most of them were so violent. People kept getting hit by a bus or bloodied by a fall. And what the heck was up with that stupid commercial "I hate my job" "You're stupid" over and over and over. I wanted to throw something at the TV!

The game was amazing!!! Best Super Bowl EVER, in my opinion!

Go Steelers!!!

Elephant Steps  – (2:04 PM)  

I told David you'd be excited about the game. I turned it on with 6 mins left in the 2nd to catch the half time show, and when the Steelers intercepted and ran 100 yards, I said "Oooo I bet Jody is very happy right now."

I thought it looked like Bruce was having a ball on stage, and I loved how he said "Put down that guacamole, put down those chicken wings, and turn the TV WAY UP."

Q102Briand  – (3:34 PM)  

Congrats to your Steelers! :-) Hope you feel better :-)

Foo  – (6:16 PM)  

I was thinking about you through the entire glad your team pulled it out in the end.

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