two days in a row?

the good:
my weigh-in went well this morning - i was down another 2 pounds... since i've been back on WW, that's over 5 pounds gone and i'm feeling really good! i've been tracking my food everyday, thinking about what i'm putting into my mouth (and how much), and moving like a mo-fo... so let's just hope this trend continues and if not, i'm okay with that too - i AM human afterall... :-)

the bad:
the DC had a nice snow/ice storm overnight and after realizing that i was never going to be able to get my car ice-free, i opted for the bus... usually, it runs like a charm and even on bad-weather days - it's still realiable... well, not this morning - i waited for over 45 mintues and there was another woman there who had been waiting for over an hour... we kept watching buses go the other way but none were coming back - WTF! needless to say, it finally came and it was packed but at least it was warm (my feet were frozen, i tell ya!)... once on the metro, riders were faced with yet ANOTHER delay because of a station fire - are you kidding me! so i was late, again, even though both things were out of my control... stupid weather and stupid metro! :-p

i just had dinner (didn't really like what i made though), plan on watching LOST, and then will take my nightly bubble bath... :-)

happy hump day...

Rebecca  – (8:28 AM)  

woohooo...that is very fabulous about the weightloss!

keep up the great work!

Kim  – (8:51 AM)  

Jodi - YOU ARE KICKING ASS!! :) Yeah for you!!!

What are you and Eric doing for the Super Bowl? Do you have a proper Pittsburgh Bar or someplace to be surrounded by fans??? :)

Fatinah  – (9:41 AM)  

wow - you are really rocking WW!! Good job!!

Teresa  – (10:42 AM)  

Yeah for you, congrats on the loss. Keep up the great work.

Carolyn  – (10:46 AM)  

Nice loss!

Isn't a bubble bath the best thing in the world on these super cold, dark winter nights??? Love it.

Foo  – (2:14 PM)  

Woohoo on the 2 lbs. and being down 5 - you are rockin' it sistah! Glad you are feeling good and a nightly bubble bath sounds wonderful.

JavaChick  – (2:57 PM)  

Congrats! Sounds like you're doing great!

We got snow and freezing rain last night - this morning our garage door was frozen to the ground. Made a loud cracking sound pulling free - gave Husband and I a bit of a scare first thing in the morning, but it seems no damage was done.

Kate  – (4:36 PM)  

Woo hoo! way to go on the 5lbs!

Cory  – (11:35 AM)  

Nice loss. Keep up the good work.
Sorry to hear abou the bus trouble though...

Kud  – (1:56 PM)  


Just thought I'd give a shoutout today on the superbowl day!

Take One Stripper Pole  – (11:34 PM)  

Stupid Fricking Steelers! Grrrr! Congrats to you on their win!

Beanie  – (11:02 AM)  


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