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happy inauguration day, everyone... even though we are less than 20 miles from downtown, eric & i stayed away from the city this weekend (and my office was closed since it's less than 3 blocks from the white house)... eric has also been getting over a cold so i've been playing nurse most of the time (not THAT kind unfortunately) and it's been a very low-key few days... we did venture out yesterday for a few hours and finally saw 'gran torino' which was excellent - i highly recommend it (but bring some tissues)... we also watched sunday's football games and are thrilled that the steelers are going to the superbowl - not sure if we'll be hosting a party but i'm sure a few friends might be invited over to watch it with us... GO STEELERS! :)

i've been doing really well with tracking my food - pretty much blew all my flexies on sunday when we made homemade pizza for dinner... i still have some APs left for the week and am hoping my 2nd weigh-in goes as well as the 1st... i won't be doing that until thursday though since eric's scale is different than mine and i'm a stickler for consistency... :)

other than that - not much is new... i had a chiro appt. this morning and had my 3rd evaluation which has shown vast improvement since beginning my treatment in november... my doctor is recommending that i start functional training which is basically a work-out that focuses on strengthening my upper back and shoulders... not sure if this will fit into my work schedule and if my insurance will cover it, but i'll find out on friday... :)

happy tuesday...

Kate  – (10:25 AM)  

Gran Torino was filmed here in Detroit! it's nice to hear an out of towner say it was good!

Great job on the tracking and staying OP I'm sure the scale will reward you!

JavaChick  – (11:41 AM)  

I think I have to make some homemade pizza's been too long!


Teresa  – (12:22 PM)  

Glad to hear your back is improving. Good luck with the weigh in.

Vickie  – (1:07 PM)  

if someone in the chiro office is a physical therapist - you can get a script for PT and have it covered that way. Or if no one is a PT, the chiro might even suggest that you go somewhere (that he is familiar) for PT so that it is covered.

Kim L  – (4:53 PM)  

I bet it's been exciting in DC getting ready for the transition!

ThickChick  – (3:18 PM)  

Congrats on your loss and staying on track! Jealous that you had inauguration day off - I think the naiton should have had the day off to celebrate!

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