leggo my eggo

i thought i would share my favorite breakfast, as of late, and for only 5 points - i'd say it's worth it... you start with low-fat, multi-grain waffles (2) and add low-fat cottage cheese (1), any type of fruit (1), and then top with sugar-free syrup... talk about tasty - i've even had these for dinner! in the version below - i pureed some organic blackberries and used them as a sauce with a sliced banana... delish! :)

my weekend has been pretty low-key - took max to the vet yesterday and after getting his annual booster shot, they attempted to trim his nails... he did NOT like it one bit and even after she put on a muzzle, he freaked out even more and now one paw is untrimmed... nice... eric can trim both norman's and tyler's with no problem but he also started when they were very small... from there, we spent a few hours with my mom and i helped her organize the spare bedroom which is just packed with stuff/crap - lunch was pizza from ledo's... :)

i also filed my federal income taxes (using turbo tax's free online service) and will be getting my refund direct-deposited in about 2 weeks - just in time to pay my car insurance! such is life right... i also sent a letter to my rental office saying that i will not be renewing my lease as of april 1 - which finally means that i will be moving in with eric... i had told him in the beginning that i would not feel comfortable doing so until we were engaged, and even though i have been ready for over 3 years - i have been more than patient and understanding with his reasons for the delay... but the time has come and we finally had a talk last week - i'm not getting any younger and i want children more than anything... i will be staring at 38 this coming march and i feel that my window of opportunity is closing very quickly, so i'm excited that the beginning of the next chapter in my life is just around the corner... as to when the engagement will happen - that's anyone's guess but at least i know it's sometime between now and march 31... :)

plans for today: take down the xmas lights, go the gym, and make stuffed peppers for dinner... we also might watch 'juno', which eric hasn't seen, and then the usual sunday stuff... feels weird not to have any football to watch but that's okay - our team's in the superbowl... :)

happy sunday...

Rebecca  – (10:59 AM)  

oh jodi!!!

i'm so happy for you and the next chapter of your life!

i cant wait to hear all about it!

Amy  – (1:22 PM)  

Have you caught up on 24 yet?

I have to be careful on my comments depending on what episodes you've watched!

Christy Ann  – (4:29 PM)  

Hi there! Glad you had some good news, moving in with Eric. BTW: I was 37 when I had my first child and am now 41 and 6 weeks pregnant.

It is totally possible! xxxxxxxx

louiserun  – (7:53 PM)  

Hi Jodi,
Happy to her about the new chapter in your life! I enjoy reading your blog. I have a good ten years on you and I can't believe how fast time just slips by. It is important to not put things off as you don't know what the future holds and life can be complicated. At times I don't understand men and their procrastination.

Glossy  – (5:42 AM)  

That waffle looks delicious.

V. exciting news about moving in/engagement/family planning! What an exciting start to the year.

Anonymous –   – (10:07 AM)  

mmm, I love waffles, although I prefer savory versions. Once I did make whole wheat waffles with a creamy honey sauce and they were delicious.

Damn, I need to file our taxes.

Teresa  – (1:12 PM)  

All the best to you and Eric. CAn't wait to hear about all your new adventures. Take care.

Dee  – (10:18 AM)  

Congrats on taking the next big step!

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