food scale giveaway

i've been thinking about getting a new scale, since i'm all about measuring/weighing food again, and was happy to see roni is having a contest on her blog... see details below...


Check out the scale giveaway on
Roni’s Weight Loss Blog!
I can win an Affordable Food Scale from Eat Smart
and so can you!
Click here for contest details!


nothing exciting has been going on, besides the crappy weather - supposed to get a combo of snow/ice overnight so i will probably take a bus to the metro station tomorrow... speaking of metro - they had another stellar morning with a train that had 'malfunctioned' and had to be taken off the line... a trip that usually takes me 40 mins, took almost 90 - awesome! :-p

time to watch last night's 24... nighty night...

happy tuesday...

Cory  – (9:28 AM)  

That sucks about the metro...
And thanks for bringing up the scale giveaway!

Fatinah  – (9:46 AM)  

Good luck with the scale - I can't enter 'cause I live in the land of no freebies!

Carolyn  – (10:44 AM)  

I bought a digital food scale at Home Depot of all places and I LOVE it! I use it every single day, it stays right out on my counter!

Teresa  – (11:10 AM)  

Hope you win! We've been have terrible weather as well, I'm done with winter. Our transit system has been experiencing delays too! What is up with that?

Jeni  – (4:26 PM)  

Good luck with the scale thing - hope you win. Snow and slush seems to be everywhere right now. Ugh. P.S. I'm very excited for you and your big move. I hope everything goes well!!!

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