in the groove

i forgot what it was like to worry about weekly weigh-ins but being back on WW has really made me pay attention to what i am eating... after staying at eric's for the extended weekend - i was anxious esp. since we had that pizza on sunday and then italian leftovers on monday... either way, i prayed for the scale to stay the same this morning but was blessed with a 1 pound loss instead... i know there will be many weeks where that won't be the case so i'm enjoying it while i can... :)

work is picking-up against hence why i haven't been able to read/comment on your blogs as of late... we are in the process of launching a new website and there's much work to be done - my boss is the project manager and though she's done much of the painstaking work herself, there is plenty for others to do in the next few weeks... ontop of that - i have some big projects coming up so i'm trying to not get stressed-out ahead of time and make sure i take time for ME everyday... i had a good cardio workout today and need to make more of an effort to go after work if there's no time during the day... it's so easy to say, "screw it, i'm going home" but if all i'm doing is eating dinner watching tv - a workout will be much better for me in the long run... :)

i taped last night's LOST so for those of you that watch it - how was it? i'm also taping CSI - am just too tired to watch anything... i barely have the energy to type this so as soon as i post - i'm hopping into bed, watching some tv to wind-down, and then going to sleep... i have another early day tomorrow too (chiro appt) so 6am will be here before you know it - at least it's friday... :)

happy thursday...

Rebecca  – (8:51 AM)  

i can totally relate.

i dvr all my shows during the week and then catch up with them Friday and Saturday.

keep up the great work though!!

Kate  – (9:03 AM)  

I'm back at WW's too, and its a very eye opening experience to be back to tracking! Congrats on the maintain for the WI!

marie  – (9:34 AM)  

I've been crazy busy too. So understand.

One day I'll catch up...I hope.

Q102Briand  – (9:35 AM)  

Congrats on getting back to WW :-) I DVR a ton of tv and right now I have so many things to catch up on including Lost and CSI :-)

Hope you have a great weekend!


Cory  – (10:54 AM)  

Congrats on the loss!

Teresa  – (11:27 AM)  

Hope you have a fun filled weekend. Congrats on the loss. Sorry to hear work is so busy.

Dee  – (12:06 PM)  

Oooh, Lost was good good good! Definately best to watch that show when your brain is functioning better!

Carolyn  – (12:14 PM)  

CSI was good. I liked Lawrence Fishbourne on it. Although he's no Gil.

I hear ya on the homebody front. All I've been wanting to do it stay home and veg. I blame it on winter. I can't WAIT for those days that it stays light out until 9:00pm!!!

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