jack is still jack

my first week back on WW has resulted in a 2.4 pound loss, not too shabby... I was so hungry last night so after having my homemade chili over a salad - i had to try one of of the sugar-free puddings that i bought at the store... holy cow! it was amazing - chocolate/banana is now my favorite thing and it only has 60 calories... no wonder some of you have 2-3 day, they are damn tasty! :)

today is eric and i's 4-year anniversary - we're doing dinner and opted not to go see a movie since that would rush things and get us home pretty late... i told him that since we both have a 4-day weekend, that we'll make a point in going then (both of us have off on inauguration day because we're within DC-limits and it will be a mess trying to get to work)... i have no idea where we're going, perhaps the place where we had our 'official' first date would be nice... eric called me at the end of the day and asked for a raincheck - something about work and not being in a good mood... i'm not going to force the poor guy to take me to dinner, just because it's our anniversary, but i DID say that he owes me big for this weekend... guess that leaves max & i to get caught up with 24... ;)

how many of you are watching '24' this season? i'm trying to get caught up - had to watch 'redemption' from last fall before i started with this year's... almost caught-up now, just have monday night to watch yet... (spoiler alert!) i'm really like tony as a bad guy, he seems sexier to me now... is that weird? ;) i'm also looking forward to CSI tomorrow night when grissom leaves and the premier of LOST next week... those are about the only shows i watch religiously - oh there's scrubs too, and sometimes SVU... :)

happy hump day...

Sizzle  – (12:49 PM)  

Congratulations on four years- have fun celebrating!

Dutch  – (12:59 PM)  

Congratulations on the 2.4 lb loss and the 4 year anniversary. Thanks for letting me know about the pudding. I have seen them on tv and I thought about getting them. I might be able to dig myself out of my house sometime within the next few days. Way to much snow. Have a good one.

Teresa  – (1:10 PM)  

First Happy Anniversary hope you have a wonderful celebrations. Great weigh-in keep up the great work. Enjoy that long weekend.

Rebecca  – (1:22 PM)  

woohoo on the 2.4 lb loss!

and congrats on the 4 yr anniversary!

totegirl  – (4:14 PM)  

Congrats lady! 4 years is awesome!

And no, I refuse to watch 24. That show stresses me! But an evil Tony? I'm intrigued! I always had the hots for him, and I still miss Michelle. :(

Glossy  – (4:25 AM)  

Make sure you get that dinner! Congrats on your anniversary. I gave up on 24 a while ago but an evil Tony - sounds lovely!!!

Foo  – (12:41 PM)  

Huge congrats on 4 years and awesome weigh in. Enjoy your 4 day weekend - I have a 3 day weekend and am really looking forward to it!

Nancy  – (1:23 PM)  

Congrats on your 4 year anniversary AND your weight loss. 2.4 lbs is awesome!

Sharon  – (6:11 PM)  

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a splendid time, and great job on the loss!

JavaChick  – (12:22 PM)  

Missed Redemption but watched the first 4 hours of the new season last night. Looks to be a good one. Also looking forward to Lost!

Congrats on the weight loss, sounds like you are back in the game!

Cory  – (4:09 PM)  

Great job on the loss. I really have to get back to tracking...I've been failing at that!

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