they cost how much now?

thanks for all the comments, they really do mean a lot to me... if there's one thing i can count on, it's YOU that keep me focused, motivated, and inspired... starting something new, regardless of what it may be (exercise, losing weight, new job, moving, baby), can be pretty scary but i always find comfort in knowing someone else is going thru the exact same thing... somewhere anyway... i know we've all been on this weightloss journey for what seems like forever so we might as well enjoy it... :)

i found 3 really good posts today and thought i would share them with you because i found them to be pretty relevant to my situation and maybe yours too...

roni comments on why you should never give up
janice revists goal-setting, in a new way
lynn talks about staying in the moment

now on to more personal stuff: i had my IUD removed on tuesday because it was time (mirena's are only good for 5 years)... though i never thought, in a million years, that i would still be w/out a hubby and w/out a child at this stage of the game - but that's no here nor there... the doctor said that i could get pregnant right away so practicing safe-sex is important (well d'oh!) and he said it could take 2 weeks for me to get my period, or 12 - everyone is different... unfortunately, i cannot use the standard types of b/c because of my blood condition (anything with high-estrogen is a big no-no) so it's back to condoms for us! yay! i did have some spotting today so i had to run to CVS and buy products that i haven't used in years - felt like a teenager... i also did a lot of reading online last night and found this website where 99% of the women had their IUDs removed or complained of bad side effects... like weight gain (check), no sex drive (check), and boughts of depression (check)... maybe i'll be a new woman once i'm back to normal - yeeeeeee haaaaaa! :)

plans for this weekend: dinner and motorcycle show tonight with eric, haircut and shopping w/mom tomorrow, helping mom put away her xmas stuff, putting away MY xmas stuff, maybe go see 'gran torino', and watch the steelers game on sunday... not bad, not bad at all... :)

i hope you guys have a great weekend and stay warm!


Take One Stripper Pole  – (2:29 PM)  

You know the Steelers are going down right? :) Probably not ... but I can still hope.

Candace MacPherson  – (12:47 PM)  

Hi Jodi, some women may suffer from side-effects, but let me tell you that NEVER having to worry about new little one in the house. The Mirena is awesome (IMHO) and is worth the $5 I've invested in it over the years (thank GOODNESS for medical insurance). Have fun, but beware, my sil got preggers 3 times using condoms (at least that's what THEY said - I figure no one can be that dumb though and they really wanted a brood of 4, lol).

Take One Stripper Pole  – (10:44 PM)  

I bow down to the greatness that is the State of Pennsylvania Football! Fricking state beat both my teams! :)

Anonymous –   – (10:56 AM)  

I have an IUD which I have had a little over a year. I do like that I don't have to worry about birth control, but I don't like the odd cramping that comes with it.

Anyway...welcome to a new week.

KL  – (11:25 AM)  

Hey Jodi, Thanks for your encouraging note on my blog and my reentry into the world.

I've been using the nuvaring for about a year. I guess you probably can't use it, but it has made my period down to two light days (from 5-6 fairly heavy ones).

eurydice  – (1:53 PM)  

i personally think condoms are ridiculously overpriced! (and still feel weird buying them)

Glossy  – (4:18 AM)  

Thanks for the great links Jodi.

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