weekend update

not sure what i'm more happy about this morning - that the dining room is done or that tickets for depeche mode are going on sale march 13th... ;)

yesterday was pretty busy - i got up early to head over to kohl's (needed some bras), then came back here to touch-up some of the trim before going back to my place and pack... my mom came down to help and we used most of the boxes just for my dishes - yikes... it's not that i have THAT many but because i have fiestaware, it's heavier than most so we had to pack accordingly... we went to lunch at this old restaurant not too far from my place, and then stopped by a consignment shop where i grabbed a sweater for $5 and some bare minerals eye shadow ($6/ea which is very cheap)... after we were done there - i ran to the store, grabbed some stuff for dinner tonight (lasagna), finished the laundry, cleaned-up the dining room, took a bath, and then waited for eric to get home... he pulled-up around 10:30 and have driven almost 15 hours straight - made it just in time since the weather turned and it had begun to snow... i'm happy he's home and so are kitties... :)

well, the long-awaited pics of the dining room are below... eric put up the new light and dimmer switch this morning - thank you, darlin... as you can imagine, i'm glad that it's done and very happy with the results... :)

enjoy the rest of your weekend... :)

Beanie  – (12:31 PM)  

BEEE Utious :) Great job. Thanks for the heads up on the DM concers...I LEEEEOVVVVE them from way back.

Cory  – (2:35 PM)  

That looks fantastic! Great job!

Rebecca  – (4:58 PM)  

ooohhhh...i love the color!!

great job!

Teresa  – (9:55 AM)  

Wonderful job on the painting. Hope you get those concert tickets. Too bad about your back. I feel the same way sometimes it feels as though you are right back where you started, then the next week it feels completely different. Don't work too hard.

eurydice  – (12:24 PM)  

Great room - I love the dark on the bottom. I am also excited about seeing DM - this will be my 5th time!

Foo  – (6:18 PM)  

the room looks awesome...I see going with blog colors :o) Hah!

Elephant Steps  – (8:08 PM)  

Looks great! I love Fiestaware!! Is it old or repro? Either is awesome!!

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