what is your mantra?

found this graphic on a website (see below) and thought i would share... it seems to have a lot of positive words/phrases and think we need to remember enjoy the simple things in life... i complain about having so much going on but seriously - life is what it is, and i'm going to make more of an effort to slow down... so if YOU had to pick 3, what would they be? even though there are some really good ones, i would chose:

> schedule ME-time
> remember, you only live once
> take nothing for granted

since i had some down-time at the chiro yesterday - i was flipping thru fitness magazine and found a few websites that are worth mentioning (and some i have found on my own)... i used to do this more often, so maybe i'll work on that too... :)

> wize.com - buying a new product? see what others have to say first...
> lobotome.com - cute notepads that you can use for all sorts of stuff...
> fmylife.com - having a bad day? there will always be someone who's had it worse than you...
> fatwallet.com - great bargains on all sorts of things...
> freecycle.com - looking for something or want to get of something? try this first...

eric came over last night and took a truck-load of bins/boxes back to the house... i had to put max on the balcony, so we could leave the door open, and he howled the whole time... he just hates being locked-out of anywhere, not sure why - and god forbid i close the door to the bathroom cus he has to be right there with you... :-o

happy thursday...

Dutch  – (5:32 PM)  

I just love that graphic. Thanks for all those websites. They look great.

Anonymous –   – (7:24 PM)  

That's a great graphic. It looks like a scrapbook page where you would cut off the saying you want and attach it to the page you are making. I have a few of those.

Teresa  – (11:14 AM)  

What a great graphic! From your's I would have to say:

1. No one other than yourself can determine your destiny.

2. Practice saying NO.

My own

3. Learn to ask for help.

Have a great weekend.

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