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i'm thankful that the scale was kind to me this morning and only showed a .4 gain this week... with everything that i have going on these days - painting, packing, moving - it's easy to put exercise on the back-burner on the weekends... but my goal this week is to get outside at least once on sat/sun, esp. since they say it's going to be in the high 50s... though i feel like i've done okay with WW since re-starting in january - one can see that i've had more gains than losses so i need to pick-up the pace a bit... i could easily put the blame on my body, since it's still adjusting to no b/c and being on synthroid again, but i feel that's a cop-out and need to take more responsibility for what i'm doing... i stopped tracking last weekend and understand that's not an option if i want to be successful at this game, so off to eTools i go... :)

my apartment is starting to resemble a war-zone - boxes everywhere, stuff on my dining room table, and piles of things going to goodwill... the only room that looks semi-normal is my bedroom and will probably remain that way until closer to moving day... i was going thru the drawer of my hutch and found a bunch of pictures that my sister had given me - most were of me when i was very small, some with my beloved dog, sandy, and some with my hamster, spot... one picture made me choke-up for some reason - i was maybe 3 or 4 and it was of me, helping my mom icing a cake in our kitchen... funny how things like that can affect you 30+ years later... there was also a photo of me wearing a sombrero and one of me sitting next to a b/w cat on the couch - it's obvious my love of mexican food and animals started early... so after i had a good cry - i cleared out some kitchen cabinets (how much corning ware can a girl own?) and a shelf in the kitchen - tonight, i will tackle my walk-in closet... :)

and yes, i watched that stupid after the rose show last night - i think i'm going to be sick...

happy hump day...

Anonymous –   – (11:20 AM)  

My weight tracker in WW looks shameful. First of all, when I signed up, I used an old account that I had 4 years ago so immediately it looks like I gained 40 pounds! Not only that but now it goes up and down and up and down.


Anonymous –   – (9:08 PM)  

My weight tracker for the last quarter of 2008 was a joke. it just went up and down, up and down. Now its just going down and that makes me smile.

purl_princess  – (8:39 AM)  

Why doesn't packing and moving give a person tons of activity points eh?!

Gorgeous blog!

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