what time is it?

i am thrilled with this warmer weather, but not very happy that my allergies are starting-up and that i'm still adjusting to the time-change... it's so easy to forget how great it feels when daylight lasts longer - so much more can be done, especially outside... eric grilled steaks for dinner last night and i'm looking forward to doing that much more this spring/summer (i couldn't grill at my place)... we also took a nice ride in the country, on the harley, and still had plenty'o time to do other stuff when we got home... :)

we made a lot of progress this weekend but more on the moving side than the painting side, which is fine since that needs to be a priority anyway... yes, i still feel that it would be better to handle it beforehand but i'm going to work at being more realistic too - my life won't end if the walls are the same color come march 31 (ha!)... i should thank my lucky stars that he has a house and a full-basement, so it's not like storage space is hard to come by - granted, it's already filling up but there's still room... on saturday, we moved a load of bookshelves and boxes and then yesterday - we grabbed my oak hosier cabinet, table, and chairs... by 9:00 last night - i had completely unpacked all my dishes, and the cats had found their perspective chairs under the table... now that's making progress! :)

supposed to be in the mid-60s today so i'm going to make a point of getting outside for a nice, long walk... i didn't go for one this weekend but with all the moving and walking up/down the stairs - i think i did pretty well...

happy monday...

Camevil  – (11:48 AM)  

time change + first warm spell = bad news. I feel your pain.

Man, this moving is a real project, isn't it? But you know you're in the home stretch when the cats have settled in and marked their territory.

Teresa  – (2:29 PM)  

The time change is a real killer. Wish it was as warm here but we are still in the depths of winter. Glad to hear the moving stuff is coming along. Enjoy the nice weather.....

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