21 points... no, that's not my total for yesterday but rather how many i had for dinner last night (and how many points i tracked in eTools, thank-you very much!)... let's just say it wasn't one of my best days, and since pizza is my ultimate comfort food and i knew i had some points to play with... and yes, i did compare brands and their nutritional value... so was having pizza THE best option? probably not, but i'm okay with that right now and i'm moving on... :)

eric and i were going to go see 'the watchman' tonight but decided against it since it's pretty long and i've read so-so reviews... we're still doing dinner w/some of his friends but then it's home to pack more stuff... eric's coming over with the truck tomorrow and we'll be taking what i have already boxed, and maybe some shelves, and who knows what else... part of my meltdown yesterday was realizing i have less than a month to get everything out and my apartment cleaned, as well as get things done at his house... his argument was that i'm trying to make things perfect and adding more stress to my life... my argument is that why move stuff into his place, to only have to move it back out to paint? and i KNOW things won't be perfect - but there's nothing wrong w/being practical... so maybe after moving tomorrow, we'll be painting as well - not sure yet... ;)

as for the rest of the weekend - i plan on getting my ass outside for a nice walk/jog and then we also plan on taking the harley out for a nice ride... it's supposed to be in the high 60s tomorrow and low 70s on sunday - crazy weather but i'm not complaining! :)

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to turn your clock forward on sunday morning! :)

happy friday...

Vickie  – (9:45 AM)  

I have those same conversations at my house and I call it 'doing it in the right order' - just exactly what you say about not having to undo. hope that your poor back survives all this!!! And it will all be done soon!

Jodi  – (8:26 AM)  

oh i am so jealous of your nice weather! we aer in the minuses up here in Canada (-20*C's) and i would LOVE to go out and jog! but i will make do with my tradmill..sigh..
i am kind of inthe same frame of mind as you with getting things done... we are busy painting here and i need to move things out and then back would be easier to move us all out for a month or 2 paint, reno's then come back! but some how my hubby wont go for it!Men! =:-D

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