weekend recap

i treated myself to some vera bradley stuff today, but only because it was (1) on sale and (2) i have yet to spend the $50 i got from work at christmas and the $25 i got from my dad for my bday... i'm so good at justifying things... anyway, i really loved the bag that i bought a few years back but the straps were worn out and i had to stop using it - never thought i'd buy vera again but there was some really cute stuff to be had... if you don't believe me, check out the sale and you'll see what i mean (though most are retired patterns, but still!)... and just in case i don't like what i ordered, their return policy seems pretty good so what's to lose! merry christmas and happy birthday to me! :)

my weekend was busy - we moved my couch/chair on friday night, after picking-up the new chest freezer (which is just adorable)... the chair is now in eric's LR and the couch is in the garage, since we have no idea where it's going to go so, and there it will stay for now... but then again - since there will be no room for my bedroom furniture come this weekend, we may need to put the couch somewhere else... oy, the fact that i have less than a week is starting to get to me - the weather isn't looking good for the weekend but i know it's only monday and things could change... worse case scenario - eric said we can rent a U-haul so perhaps i should stop stressing... but i DO have a lot to pack yet - pantry, misc. cupboards, LR closet, BR walk-in closet, and my whole BR - zoiks! i also have some things that i want to get rid of (via freecycle) so there's that stuff to deal with... and calling my electric/cable companies... wahhhhhhhhh! :(

on saturday - i painted the spare bedroom closet and then helped eric go thru all his clothing since we'd be going by goodwill... after dropping off some things at the dump - we made our donations and then ended up buying a baker's rack for only $30! it's in really good shape and will work great in the kitchen... since i'm not liking the green though - i'm going to paint it and considering they're about $100, i'd say that was our best score of the weekend... after goodwill, we went to home depot which was actually pretty painless, then back to the house... and to celebrate the first weekend of spring - dinner was grilled shrimp and veggies... :)

on sunday - i hit the grocery store, painted the 2nd coat on the closet, and then for about 4 hours we worked in the back yard... it's amazing how much better it looks and it was so nice to be outside since it was in the mid- to high-60s... eric said he hoped it was okay that we were doing yard work and not moving furniture, but i really didn't mind - i love doing that sort of thing... and since we have plans on reconfiguring yet another flowerbed - i ordered a bunch of flowers/plants today (roses, s butterfly bush, s snowball bush, and some giant peonies)... i also bought 2 red azaleas for the front flowerbeds... next-up, the herb and veggie garden... :)

hope you're having a great monday!

Vickie  – (4:13 PM)  

"eric said he hoped it was okay that we were doing yard work and not moving furniture"

Very nice that he thought that and said that - I know that you were eager to get outside and take advantage of the weather and that you love working in the yard - but nice of him to ask if you were internally fretting.

Glad your move is going well.

mommi  – (8:08 AM)  

I just love your website and your design, I have tried to do that but cannot seem to figure it out...I love your posts also, great inspirations....

fun website Jodi.


Teresa  – (11:27 AM)  

Sounds like a super productive weekend. I'm sure you are looking forward to settling and just relaxing.

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