why did i just eat that?

ugh, i'm just not working WW like i should be (gained 1.6 this week), and i have no real excuse besides (a) i've been lazy, (b) i tend to stop tracking on the weekends, and (c) other things have been made a priority... like packing & moving, but even then i can't blame that 100% because it hasn't been taking up all my time - just bits and pieces... i hate complaining and giving excuses, but that's part of the weightloss game - facing your issues, accepting them, and then moving on... always seems easier to type, then to actually do - funny how that works... anyway, i'm going to make a conscious effort to track all 7 days this week and just take things one day at a time... :)

update: i got back from a great weight-workout and found one of those big chocolate chip cookies on my desk... apparently, a coworker didn't want to feel fat on her own, so she bought one for each of us... and i ate it... the whole damn thing... WTF! :(

anyway, i have a chiro appt. after work and then it's home to maybe see if there's anything else i can pack... the weather is supposed to be really nice this weekend so we'll make as many trips as we can - i keep telling eric that i have NO idea where all my stuff is going to go... and that we need a bigger house... he thinks i'm joking - a woman needs space! ;)

i can't wait for LOST tonight! whoo hooo! :)

happy hump day....

Taxi  – (11:44 PM)  

Guess what I got ALL that stuff up in the garage storage!! Some room to spare! WHEEEEE! Oh this is Eric

Rebecca  – (8:19 AM)  

oh jodi...i hear ya!

i feel like ive been on that train since February..gaining and relosing the same damn 4 -5 lbs.

i'm gonna make it through this weekend, even if it's just with a maintain on monday!!

Teresa  – (11:05 AM)  

Pretty sure we've all done stuff like that at one time or another. You are in the middle of a lot of stuff right now, I'm sure once you get back to a normal routine everything will fall back into place. Watch next week you will have lost that gain. Take care and good luck.

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