but i love you both

i'm not one to watch reality shows - only watched the first season of survivor and said, "enough is enough"... but for some reason, i got sucked-into watching the tail-end of the bachelor finale last night - why, i don't know considering i hadn't watched it all year... then i had to watch the show afterwards to see if they were still together - holy cow, what a twist that was! i have to say i'm a bit torn - sure, he's the jerk for having feelings for one girl and asking another to marry him BUT i also think it was noble of him to say he made a mistake and that he still had feelings for the other one... i mean, yea, it's just a show and who knows how much is real/fake... and it does suck for melissa but would YOU want to be with someone that wished he had chosen someone else? and how excited was molly - you could just tell that she knew he'd come back to her in the end... stupid show and yes, i'll probably watch tonight's episode too but only after i pack some boxes... :)

my back has been feeling much better and i'm looking forward to tomorrow night's adjustment (only have 4 more)... i probably overdid things two weeks ago and need to accept that it won't heal as quickly as it used too... i felt fine during my jog yesterday so let's hope it feels okay during weight-lifting too...

i'm SO not looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow but will keep plugging-away... i have so much going on that it's hard to focus sometimes and have to admit it was eaiser when eric was away (less temptation)... :(

happy tuesday...

IRJessica  – (10:46 PM)  

Ya ya, things are good now. What's it going to be like in 6 months when he mentions he got an email from an old gf? Maybe he'll realize he has feelings for her too? Wait, I mean- you watch that junk? Haha.

Glad to hear about you back, and I hope things keep getting better!

Elephant Steps  – (2:24 AM)  

Okay first WOW $1 Fiesta Plates. I can't believe there was a sale like that, who cares about imperfections!!

And guess what? I watched the very first Bachelor, and I watched the one with Bob, but none of the others. For some reason I got sucked into this one, maybe because Jason seemed nice or maybe because he had a kid. Anyway I was shocked last night, but to be honest, I thought he would pick Molly in the end just the way he acted around her. When he picked Melissa I was a little shocked, but I thought she did better with Ty and maybe that was what won his heart. I felt BAD for Melissa, but better now then later. I was watching the TV and saying "awww poor Melissa", and David was like "Why do you watch this crap. Who cares, you don't know them" LOL.

Teresa  – (9:15 AM)  

Good luck with the weighin! Glad to hear you back is feeling better.

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