everything tastes better when it's free

rita's is giving away a FREE regular size italian ice to each and every guest to mark the first day of spring... to find one that's close to you, check out their website... :)

today has been extremely slow at work, like snail's pace, and i hate days like this... esp. when there's a huge project on my plate and i can't work on it, because the research is behind schedule, which makes editorial behind as well... i know i shouldn't complain but damn - there's only so much web-surfing a girl can do! at least i'll have my hour at the gym but still - makes me wish i was home packing, or at eric's house organizing! :(

weekend plans: move some furniture, maybe do some painting, and work in the backyard - it's time to start thinking about our garden for this year... we made a list of everything that we'd like to try growing, but this will involve making the current plot much larger... i found a few tips on what to plant, when, so we'll see how much progress we actually make... we're definitely going to do LESS tomatoes and squash, that i do know... AND eric bought a small, chest freezer yesterday so we'll have more room to freeze veggies, fruit, herbs, sauces, etc. - yaaa hooo! :)

have a great weekend and happy 1st day of spring! :)

Dutch  – (4:10 PM)  

Oh we don't have a Rita's in Illinois. I am going to start some of my herbs and vegetables from seed in the house and hopefully within 6 more weeks I can plant them. We also go to a nursery and buy some plants. We are thinking of trying a few different vegetables this year. Have a great weekend.

Elephant Steps  – (9:17 PM)  

Hey I've been thinking about my garden lately too, and I agree I am doing less tomatoes and zucchini. The tomato part might be a little hard as I tend to get excited over really different types, but as of late I only have one plant. Last year I had zucchini growing out of my ears!! I plan to plant only one this year. Also next month I need to start pumpkins! Crazy!!

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