are you wearing green today?

Happy St. Patricks Day!

i have on a green sweater today, and that's about all you'll be getting out of me for st. patty's day - never been my thing really... wasn't really the 'bar' type person in college and even after, i thought irish bars smelled funny and i hated the music (sorry!)... i don't even like guinness - never have, never will - just too damn bitter for me (you're talking to someone that adores bud light lime)... so for those that will be celebrating later - have fun and be safe... :)

sorry for the lack of posts - this weekend was a flurry of activity, though no moving was involved because of the weather, and sunday was pretty much shot because of my niece's bridal shower... i did take a car-full of stuff to goodwill on saturday though, and i mean a carload - even the front passenger seat had stuff on it... and just when i cleared out my DR, i cleared out my balcony closet and now the DR is full of bins and more boxes again... eric may come over tomorrow and take a load to the house, and that will still leave at least 3-4 loads til my place is empty... having 2 full weekends left is comforting to know, and they say it will be warmer and sunny on sat/sun so i think i'll be okay (crosses fingers)... i spoke w/the rental office on saturday and i have to do my final walk-thru on 3/30 with the head maintenance guy - i will have to make sure that any sign of max is gone since he's been living there illegally for 5 years... shhhh.... ;)

like i mentioned above - my niece's bridal shower was on sunday in harrisburg, which meant a lot of driving in crappy weather... it was your normal event with food, games, cake, etc. but not very organized or well-managed time wise... we got there around noon and i think she finally got around to opening gifts around 3:00... she got a LOT of pyrex but then again, you can never have too many mixing bowls or baking dishes, in my opinion... it seems like yesterday when i got the call, at my boyfriend's house, that she was born... 21 years sure goes by fast (sniff*sniff)... :)

happy tuesday...

Kelly  – (10:04 AM)  

I'm not a big St Patrick's Day fan either. But thanks for reminding me about it! I forgot.

Sounds like you had a good albeit wet weekend. Same here. :)

Teresa  – (1:08 PM)  

I wasn't into it that much either till I hosted an Irish supper one year. Now I get calls asking which weekend it is going to be.

Sounds like you've had a busy weekend. Hopefully you will get all settled in soon.

Take care.

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