are you kidding me?!

i caused a stir at work today - all i was trying to do was point-out that it would be nice to know the status of things, on this huge project i'm working on... the person i deal with, in editorial, is notorious for saying things like, "you'll get file X tomorrow" and then i don't, and i have no idea when i will be getting it... so i wrote this email this morning, with my boss's help, and sent it to all parties involved... i guess someone got their panties in a bunch and was upset, and then had the balls to lie and say she HAD been telling me things... both my coworker and boss heard her in my office yesterday and know that's not the case, so why bother lying? i just don't understand... later, my boss got an email that said a list has been in the works - meanwhile, i've never seen it and it would've eliminated everything that happened this morning... c'mon people - work with me here! we're all on the same team! :-p

(end of rant)

eric and i got anxious last night and decided to move my bedroom furniture (sans bed) and my tv... this week may be crazy and with the threat of rain on sat/sun, we thought we should take advantage of what we could last night... it's now in the garage, and my couch is now in the LR which the cats have been LOVING! to them - it's something new to play under, jump-on, and most of all - cover with hair! wahhhhhhh! we stopped at panera bread on the way home but they were closed, so option B was chipotle. (eric was considerate enough to ask which was a better option for me)... i did fairly well considering their menu, and i skipped both the sour cream and guacamole (which is a first)... :)

tonight, i'll be heading home and i have to clear-off my bed since we dumped all my drawers on there last night... i also need tackle my kitchen, walk-in closet, bathroom, and eventually - dismantle the computer... i told eric i wasn't sure how i was going to watch tv in bed now since my dresser is gone (and the tv is now sitting on the floor)... oh, how i'm going to miss watching tv before going to sleep... :(

happy tuesday...

Rebecca  – (11:29 AM)  

oh dude...

to save some money and be good, we decided to make Taco Bell at home last night, seriously, I would have been better off just getting my regular taco bell...

of course, i didnt track any of it until after but wowza...and i thought i had done so well....

lesson learned i guess!

Teresa  – (11:41 AM)  

It's awful being held hostage by co-workers. Hope you get the things you need soon.

Good for you making the healthy choices. Have a better day at the office today.

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