the next chapter begins

well, i'm all moved-in and completely exhausted (even after taking yesterday off - i still worked on unpacking/organizing for most of the day)... all in all - things went well, minus it raining on friday night and all day saturday, and i have to thank eric for being so incredibly helpful, patient, and just plain wonderful throughout this whole process... i totally redid the kitchen yesterday and he loved it, and continuously tells me that he's glad i'm there (and that max is finally with his brothers and no longer has to go back/forth every weekend)... i'm also limping because an 8-pound hand weight fell on my right foot on sunday afternoon, and now it's bruised and slightly swollen... i'm not sure if it's broken, considering that toe is fused together anyway, but i guess things could've been worse... i'm going to have to lay-low re: exercise until it's better, but don't feel bad since i got a ton this past weekend while moving... :)

next on our to-do list is paint the bedroom, so we can clear-out the garage... i was amazed that all my clothes actually fit into his closet (huggable hangers are a life-saver!) but could use about another 2 feet for my shoes... then it will be to tackle the pantry - it needs reorganized and painted so for now - my stuff will remain in boxes which is fine... i can live with that but could not live w/out having an organized kitchen - even my new mixer fits on the counter now and looks quite nice!

since i was out yesterday, i have some work to catch-up on but wanted to share some pics... i wish i would've taken some shots of eric's house and the utter chaos this weekend, but i was too busy wondering where all my crap was going to go... :)

yes, eric is actually using the vacuum...

my LR on saturday...

my LR on sunday...

max and i will miss our little balcony...

goodbye #226 - it's been fun but it's time to move on...

Teresa  – (12:32 PM)  

Wishing you and Eric all the best in this new adventure. Enjoy!

Camevil  – (12:54 PM)  

Congrats. Man, that move was an epic!

Anonymous –   – (4:23 PM)  

Congratulations to you! I hope your new adventure is amazing. :)

Sizzle  – (5:47 PM)  

Congratulations on that accomplishment!

sharla***  – (10:36 PM)  

Wow, I have missed alot!

Congratulations on your move!

The paint colors you choose looked very pretty.

Love your mixer- have you used it yet?

anna  – (3:27 AM)  

i LOVE a new place!

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