still around

i'm still here, just very busy at work but hopefully that should end tomorrow... the big project that i've been working on (and that has been delayed for weeks) goes to the printer so i'll be able to breathe again... unfortunately, i'll have a corresponding website to do as well but that will be easy considering everything will be finalized for the print version... ANYWAY, i'll try and catch-up with everyone as best i can this week... :)

the bedroom is officially done and all my furniture fit! i was a tad concerned at first but we made it work and it looks pretty good (pictures to come)... we also hung new blinds on sunday so all that's left is a new comforter, curtains, a rug, and some pictures on the wall... i can't wait for that to be done because then i'll feel more settled and part of the house... just having the bedroom done has made a big difference - as a girl, it's very hard living out of boxes and things that aren't where they should be... guys don't care - give them a box and they'll be happy but not me! i need to have my stuff, where it's supposed to be... ;)

bedroom before...

bedroom after...

new blinds and kitties enjoying a real bed...

i still haven't been to the gym (over 2 weeks) and am afraid of tomorrow's weigh-in... i've been scraping by with moving and doing stuff around the house, but not exercising may take its toll finally... i had to work late last night and eric suggested getting 1/2 price pizza at this bar close by - it was really good and i'm looking forward to having the rest tonight... do i regret eating it though? not one bit... :)

happy tuesday...

mak'n Changes  – (8:35 PM)  

Don't worry you will be fine, even if u have a gain it won't matter cause you are a very driven lady and you make it happen. Don't give up!

Amy  – (10:28 PM)  

Great bedroom... I had to do a double take, it looks like my cat lewis is in your bed!

Teresa  – (1:10 PM)  

Sorry to hear you are swamped at work. Hope that project is done and gone soon. Love the new bedroom. Kitties conquer!

eurydice  – (7:03 PM)  

hmmmm ikea bedspread?

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