i remember the day she was born!

my 21-year old niece got married this past saturday, and on may 1 tony goes back into training and possibly over to Iraq within a year... can you imagine?! regardless of THAT sad news, it was a wonderful and very emotional day for everyone in my family, especially my brother... i don't think there was a dry-eye in the place when he walked her down the aisle... megan has grown-up to be such a vibrant, strong, intelligent, and warm-hearted woman, and to see her so happy and in love makes all the memories of her pain/suffering disappear... the ceremony/reception was held at a small country club just south of harrisburg, pa - we spent 2 hours driving there and 2 hours driving back, so half the time was spent in a car (i would've driven further if needed!)... it was very non-traditional, very low-key, and very casual (i took notes for sure!) and the weather was perfect... sunny and warm, and we couldn't have had a better day for such a blessed-event... here are some pics of the day... :)

Alea  – (3:37 AM)  

Beautiful pictures! And allow me to say: You look absolutely fabulous!

Vickie  – (6:35 AM)  

so glad you had such a nice day - thats for sharing the pics!

Teresa  – (11:47 AM)  

It is the simpliest things that turn out the best. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time.

Kud  – (5:19 PM)  

Wow Congrats to your family!!! I'm turning 21 in two months and know that my cousins who live next door remember me as a baby and will probably be as shocked the day I get hitched :D

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