bored out of my mind

someone please shoot me! for the past 2 days - i've had barely anything to do at work and though it's nice (once in a while) it sucks when i know the project i'm working on is way behind schedule... i've been told everyday that i'll be getting X or Y, and then i don't, and here i am - bored out of my mind! and i can't go to the gym because of my foot - though it's better, it's still sore when i put a lot of pressure on it, so walking/biking/jogging is out (same with leg work)... i'm hoping by monday, i can at least do something - not exercising always puts me in a less than stellar mood and i hate feeling this way... :(

eric and i ran to home depot last night to get paint for the bedroom and a few other things like mulch, but the outside section was closed and we have to go back tonight (it's half-price y'all)... our goal (or at least mine anyway) is to get the bedroom painted and maybe the pantry too - unless the weather is nice and then we'll be working in the yard... since i have a hair appt. in the morning and then have plans w/my mom tomorrow night (we're going to a ballroom dancing competition in baltimore) - i will only have a few hours to help around the house... my car disparately needs washed and cleaned-out so that's also a top-priority... as for sunday, i may be doing another cat-run for my sister but i'm hoping not since that will take more hours out of my day, and i really need to get the house in order... i know the world won't end if we don't get this stuff done - it would just be nice to have my mattresses out of the DR... ;)

i taped the ER finale - anyone watch it last night?

bah! the sun is shining and it would be such a nice day to go see the cherry blossoms! there's always next year i suppose (and the year after)...

happy friday...

Anonymous –   – (3:43 PM)  

I've always thought that work is worse when there is nothing to do. Keep me busy and keep me happy!

Sizzle  – (4:37 PM)  

I am bored too! Zzzzzzzzzz.

I watched the finale and it kind of left me...flat.

Vickie  – (9:05 AM)  

sorry about the injury - and I agree - hard to get cardio with a foot/leg injury. I did wonder about the rower - because it does not make you bear all your weight - and on the push motion - you could use one leg and set the resistance low.

I have two women in my free weights class that have has surgery - one knee - the other actually had two surgeries - first neck and then wrist. Both continued to come to class and when we worked those sections of our body - they worked on other parts. So you could do major abs, arms, back, obliques, leg work that is not weight bearing (pilates style leg lifts, inner thigh, butt, etc.). We talked a lot about this in class - because of the two ladies - and they said that it made them feel good to be able to work (what they could) and it kept them in the habit of working regularly.

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