can i have one, more, day?

today was probably the first sunday, in over a month, that i've been able to relax and not feel like i HAD to do anything... i did the usual cleaning and laundry, but also finished putting my winter stuff away, and getting out more stuff that has been in boxes since i moved... since the pantry is done, i feel like i can start concentrating on other things that i've been putting off, so it's nice to be making progress... i did managed to squeeze-in 2-hours of shopping at that big thrift store near my house - i needed some pants to tie me over til i lose a few pounds and scored some really nice ones for chump-change (as well as some capris, shorts, a few shirst, some jammie-pants, and a pair of sling-back naturalizer shoes for work)... everything has been washed and is ready to be ironed, which i will do once i'm done here... :)

last night we had some friends over last night so yesterday was busy getting things ready, cleaning, making food, and working on the yard... it went really well - i had made a bunch of stuff ahead of time so i could spend more time hanging-out and socializing... it really made a difference so i'm definitely going to take that approach for future parties - my menu was: hummus & pita chips, organic tortilla chips & black bean dip, mixed salad, orzo with pesto, oven-roasted veggies, cous-cous with cranberries, pine nuts, and feta, grilled turkey burgers, and brownies from scratch... i had to throw the first batch away because the oil was bad - who knew! thank god for my betty crocker cookbook because the recipe rocked! anyway, we all had a good time and just sat around eating and talking - success indeed!

i promise to try and post more often but this week may be spotty since i still have a big project to finish-up and our annual meeting starts on weds... i'll have to handle all the web-postings and anything else that happens, since my boss will be on location, so you may not here from me til the end of the week... i'll be thinking of you though! ;)

enjoy the rest of your weekend and here are some random pics that i've been meaning to share...

from our bike trip last week - a beautiful, old, stone, lutheran church in the country...

another stone building but this time, an old inn/house...

a pond, near the house, that had a bunch of these guys jumping around...

eric and me on the bike - if you look in his sunglasses, you can see the road ahead of us...

finally - the pantry is done... i love having so much more room...

my new candle/wall sconse - seems to fit in quite well don't you think?

Elephant Steps  – (10:24 PM)  

Love the candle sconce! Very nice!

carla  – (6:37 AM)  

I lovelovelove that photo of you two in the glasses.
At first glance and at closer inspection (the reflection is so very cool).

Id frame it if I were you.


Weight Watchers Chic  – (9:09 AM)  

WW Tip I have used when making brownies- add a can of black beans. I know sounds bad but I promise no one notices them- I put mine in the blender and made a puree and not even one of my three kids noticed a difference- ups the fiber- lowers the points! Try it and let me know what you think.
1 box brownie mix
1 can of balck beans (with juice)
1/4 cup water
blend and bake per pkg - enjoy
2 points per 24 brownies

totegirl  – (1:50 PM)  

Great pictures! I'd love some of those recipes (esp. the couscous) if you have the time or inclination to post or e-mail them!

Teresa  – (11:53 AM)  

Your home looks so lovely. Glad to hear you are finally getting to relax a bit and enjoy. Sorry work has been so busy. The candle sconse in beautiful. Great pics btw. Hope you week is less stressful.

Kud  – (4:41 PM)  

All those photos are AWESOME and the house is really really coming together! I love how productive you were even on a chill sunday!

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