wish i could change my outlook as easy as this blog

it was time for a change on the old blog, i still have some things to tweek but for the most part - i think it will suffice for the summer... i've been working on HTML formatting for most of the week at work, so doing something creative like this is always a nice break... it's been a short but very busy week, i'm just glad it's friday! TGIF! :)

i went for a jog yesterday and couldn't do my usual course - i felt heavy and slow for some reason and ended up walking 2/3 of the way... do you ever feel like you're just going thru the motions and not really "into" what you're doing? that's been me lately - i keep saying i'm going to go to the other gym and take some classes, but i haven't... i keep saying that i'm going to track on the weekends, but i haven't... i saw 161 on the scale last week and for whatever reason - 166 is my new best friend... i KNOW i haven't gained that much real weight in a week, but still - it's a bit depressing nonetheless... :(

KNOWing is easy... DOing is hard...

instead of giving myself 1 month to get settled, that has now turned into 2 months... i just can't seem to get focused, or stay on track, or make any progress and that bothers me... why are things different this time? why is my attitude so blah? i mean, i know what i have to do (how to eat, how much to exercise, how to be patient w/losing, etc.) but it's just not clicking... am i bored of WW? is it time to try something else? do i need to set a real goal? i have my 20-year reunion in september and would love to walk-in looking fabulous (not that i wouldn't anyway, but you know what i mean)... getting to 150 would be ideal, but i'm not going to starve myself or do anything drastic in order to make that goal...

so once again, i'm in the pondering-what-do-do-with-myself stage... any advice, comments, or places of inspiration would be much appreciated... :)

weekend plans: not much - maybe some yard work and some exercise... what about you?

happy friday...

Teresa  – (2:15 PM)  

How true "Knowing is easy....Doing is hard". When I was at the Dr's a couple of days ago, his suggestion on how to lose weight..... eat less. My thoughts were REALLY THATS IT... WOW!

Hope you find your grove. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jeni  – (8:19 PM)  

I love the new look! I know how you feel with the "blah-ness." It gets old doing the same thing over and over. The best way I've found to shake things up and get re-motivated is to cook - when I find a new healthy recipe I love it just makes me feel great, like OF COURSE I want to cook and eat healthy all the time because look how awesome this is. But honestly, sometimes I do just have to go through the motions and hope that soon, I will find my mojo. Good luck and have an awesome weekend!

Rebecca  – (9:57 PM)  

no tips...need them myself =)

love the new look though!!

Jenn  – (11:06 AM)  

The blog looks awesome!
I don't know if I have many good tips. Sounds like you need to shake things up a bit? Try a new workout, new food, take a mini-vacay? Something to get you moving and excited...

Fatinah  – (3:10 PM)  

Blog looks great!

What about picking up a fitness magazine and doing the workout of the month? I'm just starting my last week of one, and have already picked out my next one - it is surprisingly easy to do something for only 4 weeks.

In the mean time... a run with 2/3 walking quite frankly is better than just sitting on your duff.. so.. kudos to you for even doing that while in a rut!

I hope you find your grove soon - we are all here ready to cheer you on when you find something!

WillEatForComfort  – (4:54 PM)  

Hi there. I just recently started reading your blog, but I have to let you know that a lot of what you write about really rings true to me. I just got out of what I called "gym-laziness" when I didnt want to work out at all. It lasted for almost 2 months and last week was the first time I was actually enjoying my workouts again. For me, going back to basics helped. I went for a long bike ride to enjoy the outdoors and took a long walk instead of going to kickboxing. I went back to the activities that made me like exercising instead of the high intensity ones.

Ive been doing WW for 6 months now - this time - and Im finding that Im bored too right now. I know what to do - like you - but Im lacking the motivation to do it. Hopefully we'll both figure something out soon!

jh  – (4:43 PM)  

I feel you. That seems to happen to me with running about once a month or so. I just accept that my body is needing some slow time and try not to worry too much.

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