not on purpose

i've been avoiding this blog, not because i haven't had the time to post (okay, maybe a little), but because i've made NO progress with getting back on track or losing weight... i gave myself the month of april to get settled and to get thru some big projects at work - now it's may and my motivation is gone... perhaps it's hiding in one of the boxes i haven't unpacked yet, but either way - i need to find it soon... it's funny/weird/sad/frustrating to look back and know that i was 10 pounds lighter last year - i can see it my face when i look at pictures... and i can see it when i'm trying to find something to wear or when i'm staring myself in the mirror at the gym... mind you, i had no qualms about buying size 12s on sunday, but i'm just pissed that i HAD too (if that makes any sense)... :(

these are the small things that i've managed to do lately:

  • i've continued to weigh myself every wednesday and log that into my WW etools
  • i started tracking yesterday (again) and really have to work at doing it every day, especially on the weekends... i've given myself so many 'free passes' that it's hard to do something else and actually 'think' about what i'm eating again
  • i've started to jog again and though it's slow, i know it will improve over time
  • i've started to weight-train again
  • i've printed out the class schedules for the gym near my house, just haven't gone yet
  • and i've been eating more salads and fruit
so the list is short but it's better than nothing... i know the more i exercise and get back into a routine, things will get better - i'm just having a hard time right now... i hate myself for giving up so many times and i know i'm human, but seriously - what is it going to take to lose weight and lose it for good? is it because i'm older? is it because my job now requires more effort/time? should i try another plan? ugh! i just wish there was a simple answer to all this, but then life would be too damn easy right? :(

sorry for the serious post, just wanted to let you know how i was doing...

happy thursday...

Megilon  – (5:32 PM)  

Baby steps are still steps forward.

mak'n Changes  – (5:59 PM)  

yep,, that will do it,, if you do what you know you need to do, you will see the weight drop. Get it Girl!

totegirl  – (6:20 PM)  

Hey, you've done it once. You can do it again. And each time, you get further and further along, right? You're in a transition period, but I forsee you getting into the swing of things VERY soon! I'm psychic. Didn't you know?!

Sam  – (10:52 PM)  

I have been reading your blog for a couple months now. Normally I am a quiet reader, just a shy person I guess. But this post hit home. I know exactly how you feel. I started WW back in June 2003 and have lost just to find it back again and really pissed off at myself.

We just have to dust off our feet and start again till we get to the end of our path.

Chin up, the next day is a beautiful one.

Fatinah  – (11:07 AM)  

you think that that list is short but better than nothing?

OMG - I think that list friggen rocks! It is an excellent, excellent list if you're looking for success and health!!

When you get back on the wagon, you don't dally near the back - you grab a seat right up front!

Good for you!!

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