at least LOST was good

first of all, let me just say that the LOST finale was awesome! i'm not going ruin it for anyone but i really enjoyed it and think it really opens-up the final season for anything (we may even watch it again)... i still think it's going to end, where it began, with them on the plane but that's just me... what did/do you think?

second of all, i'm very disappointed that the capitals lost last night - by the 5th penquin's goal, i told eric that i couldn't watch it anymore... yes, he's from pittsburgh but is more of a football fan than hockey - he still watched the series with me anyway, so thanks darlin... better luck next year, guys! :(

i had blood work done this morning, in prep for my annual check-up next week... it was relatively painless and i'm thankful to be one of the few that doesn't get weak at the site of blood or needles... :-o

my workouts are finally getting back to normal and since the weather's been so nice - i'm trying to get back outside as much as possible... i jogged around the mall yesterday (slowly) and will try to do that at least 2x week (the other day i can do the treadmill or eliptical)... eating has also been good and i'm tracking away on eTools - made this white bean and tuna salad for lunches this week, and with a whole wheat pita - you can't beat it... :)

happy thursday....

Foo  – (3:19 PM)  

never would have thought to put white beans and tuna together...sounds interesting and easy. I'll have to give it a try. Sorry about your Capital's loss...

totegirl  – (3:28 PM)  

Wow, jogging around the mall? Seriously cool! I forget you live in DC sometimes!

I gave up on lost a LONG time ago! Glad you enjoyed it. I kind of miss it.

Parth  – (4:48 PM)  

Its great that you're starting to get back into working out. Just don't over do the cardio. Good luck!

Fatinah  – (6:03 PM)  

sounds like you're in your groove!

Sizzle  – (7:19 PM)  

I made this really good white bean and shrimp thing over couscous. Delish!

Lost was awesome.

Jeni  – (10:58 AM)  

Yum white bean and tuna! I think I know what I'm having for lunch today. Oh and LOST, yes awesome. I finally caught up last night and dreamed about it all night.

Kud  – (5:18 PM)  

yaaaay for jogging! Keep on doing what you're doing :D

And I LOVED LOST and HATE that I have to wait until February of next year to find out what happens. UGHH!

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