2 outta 3 ain't bad

happy memorial day and
THANK-YOU to all who have served
still serving our country!

well, we almost made it thru the whole weekend w/out rain but a few minutes ago - the downpour started... i'm glad that i got my walk/jog in earlier today because otherwise, i'd be less inclined to go anywhere (good reason, right?)... besides getting some much needed exercise - it's been a rather lazy monday and i'm glad - we worked in the garden and yard for most of yesterday so it's great to have nothing to do... the sci-fi channel is showing a 'land of the lost' marathon and yes, it's the original version from 1974 - i never realized just how bad the show actually was but maybe when i was young, it wasn't so obvious... ;)

on saturday - eric and i took the harley out for a day-long ride... the weather was perfect and we found a lot of country roads to ride and explore (thanks to the GPS on his blackberry)... we also visited a local animal rescue/zoo which was fun, though it's hard for me to see these animals caged-up in such small spaces... my camera battery died halfway thru so i didn't get pics of the baby timber wolves, which were so damn cute they made me cry! i'm such a sucker for babies, i can't help myself... after having a late lunch at an authentic, mexican restaurant - we took more backroads home and called it a day... margaritas seem to be my thing as of late, but that's what 3-day weekends are for ... ;)

here are some pics of our day on the road and the zoo...

and lettuce from our garden - yum!

Teresa  – (12:19 PM)  

Long weekends are great! Sounds like you kept yourselves very busy. Lucky for you the rain held off. Glad to see and hear all is well. Take care.

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