is that the sun i see?

i am SO glad it's friday and that the weekend is just around the corner... it seems working past 7:00, for the last two nights, have really drained me for some reason so i'm looking forward to going home at a decent hour and relaxing... eric has had a busy/stressful week as well so we're both looking forward to not having to do much over the weekend (besides a coworker's baby shower on sunday)... there IS some yard work to finish, and the oil to be changed in two vehicles, but that's the major stuff - i may tackle putting away more things in the basement and possibly hanging some pictures in the bedroom... i also need to get a new bedspread/duvet cover soon and some curtains - my down comforter is too damn hot... :-p

after 11 days here in DC - it's not raining for a change, so i'm getting my ass outside later for a nice walk/jog... our garden and new grass have grown so much in the past 2 weeks that we may be able to cut some spinach and lettuce soon... so exciting! i can't wait for the day where i can make a whole salad, straight from the ground... :-)

and lastly, don't forget your moms on sunday... both eric and i sent flowers to ours (found a great deal online) and we may pay her visit over the weekend... and if you're a mom yourself - i hope you have a wonderful day! :-)


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I'm gonna make my mommy a splendalicious breakfast for her cute lil' diabetic self and we'll have some good mommy baby bonding time!

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