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LET'S... GO... CAPS! ;-)

i went to target last night, to pick-up a few things, and see what sort of clothes were on the clearance rack... lots, to say the least, but not too many that i would consider 'work-appropriate'... i still managed to find two shirts but nothing else... i also grabbed a few healthy choice meals, since i had a coupon, because i read their new line 'all natural entrees' contain 100% olive oil, more fiber, and more vitamins... i was all excited about the pumpkin squash ravioli today and it ended up being mediocre - the ravioli was tasty but i didn't like the squash and the asparagus was mushy... *sigh* i hate when i look forward to something and it just ends up being a big letdown... let's hope the others i got are better! :-(

the 2nd part of that big project i've been working on was completed yesterday (website) so i can officially cross that off my list... i managed to get a ton of stuff done this morning and have been enjoying a less-stressful and less-hectic afternoon (so far anyway)... i'll be going to the gym in a few and also went yesterday - i jogged for 40-minutes (interval hills) and was dripping with sweat when i was done... good deal! :-)

our weekend was good - finally got the backyard done so the only thing we need to take care of is the garden... eric changed the oil in both cars sunday morning, then we took the harley to a baby shower/garden party in DC, then came back and spent the rest of the night w/my mom who came over so eric could do her oil as well... she hasn't been to the house since i've moved in and really liked what i've done to the place... her mother's day gift got royally screwed-up - UPS rescheduled the flower delivery to monday when they should've been delivered on friday! i called and complained and was told there wasn't much they could do til monday, so i called proflowers and complained and not only got a refund BUT they sent out a fresh batch that she received today... so instead of 2-dozen, she now has 4-dozen (even though half are probably dead)... sidebar: eric ordered the same thing for his mom and she got 4-dozen instead of 2! go figure! ;-)

i also found a new comforter at target on saturday - it was on sale and just the pattern/color i was looking for... i brought a hand-painted swatch with me and when i was trying to match it - the woman next to me goes, "wow, that's a great idea!"... uh yea! i'm not bringing something home if it's not going to match... ;-)

happy tuesday...

Vickie  – (8:31 PM)  

I painted paper plates with all our wall colors - one plate per color so that I had BIG samples to match. Every where I went - it took clerks a while to figure out that it was wall colors I was matching - couldn't tell the plates were painted - they looked like they came that color.

Local radio had a call in show for messed up mother day gifts - one set of flowers were delivered in a BOX on Wednesday - and mom was on vacation (son didn't know) and didn't get home until late sunday - so opened a box of DEAD flowers. . .

Kud  – (9:52 AM)  

I can't wait to see pics of what you've done!! And I'm soo happy for you that you've started going back to the gym to kick some butt!! Keep on doing it and you'll be where you were in no time :D

foodiegettingfit dot wordpress dot com

Foo  – (11:31 AM)  

I have the same healthy choice rav dinner in the freezer, bummer that it was just meh...oh well, it will work in a pinch. Congrats on finishing your web project and is that a pink bunny I see below? LOL

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