30-day challenge

there have been a lot of people doing some sort of new challenge/plan/workout these days - kathleen, anne, sizzle, and hilly are just to name a few... and since i've been struggling with getting back into a decent workout routine myself - i decided to start my own 30-day challenge... this is what i came up with so far:

  1. 30-min cardio (min) daily
  2. do the "belly-off" program 3x/week (more info here)
  3. take a class at the gym 1x/week (min)
  4. do better at tracking points (esp. sat/sun)
  5. cut-back on sugar
  6. lose 5 pounds
  7. not feel guilty about putting myself first!
the list seems a bit daunting (the hardest ones will be the top 3) but i CAN do it for 30-days and i NEED to do it... i miss having structure and something to work towards, so hopefully this will get my lazy-ass up and moving again... though i won't post right now - i'll also take my measurements and see what progress, if any, is made after 30-days... i'm kind of excited! ;)

anyone else out there doing a challenge or thinking about starting one? if so, please share... :)

happy tuesday...

update: holy shit-skies! that first workout was H-A-R-D! i haven't sweated like that, during a weight-workout, in ages - so i have a good feeling about this... :)

Anonymous –   – (2:40 PM)  

I think it's easier when we give ourselves time frames. Not EASY but easier.

Good luck and I know you can do it!

JavaChick  – (2:55 PM)  

Best of luck to you!

I put on a few extra pounds over the winter and I'm doing my darnedest to get them off. I am not specifically doing a 30-day challenge, but I guess this would be a good time to start since it's the beginning of the month. Hmm...

WillEatForComfort  – (4:56 PM)  

The 30 day challenge is a good idea. Once school ends for me (I teach) I think I might do the exact same thing. I really want to get back into the swing of things with my workouts! Good luck!

Foo  – (7:33 PM)  

Woohoo - I'm excited for you. I just completed day 26 and I have to say...I feel pretty damn good! Good luck with your 30 day adventure - love the new look.

Watching and Weighting  – (5:04 AM)  

Jodie the new look blog looks amazing and those pics of you are HAWT laydee!!! loving the hair! x

Teresa  – (1:24 PM)  

Good luck with the 30 day challenge. Really like the new blog look. All the best, you can do it.

rico  – (4:42 PM)  

Love the new pics/look Darlin! And you know I am here to support/root for you on the 30 day challenge-o.


Jodi  – (9:39 PM)  

First jodi.. lovin the new look on here!
I am looking at the belly off program and i walk/jog 5 days a week, also try to get in a Turbo Jam Video or Slim in 6 3 times a week. I will start a challenege with you(now that i am not working for pay anymore I have time to do this!!!)
Hope all is going well!

Jodi  – (9:39 PM)  

I forgot to mention that I have 75 days to lose 10 pounds -- Rod Stewart concert and I am dying to get backstage and if i am able to do this--i want to be rockin hawt! lol

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