geesh, what a week! besides the metro accident on monday - we've lost 3 great people in a matter of days... first ed... then farrah... and now michael... i can't say that i was a HUGE fan of his, even though his poster adorned my bedroom wall in jr. high (until i discovered duran duran)... i feel sorry for his children, who are now fatherless and $400 million in debt, as well as his family who, like most of us, are just shocked that something like this could happen... if i had a turntable at home, i would pay tribute by playing 'thriller' and doing a little moonwalk... :)

this week has been long, and the commute to/from work even longer... i was happy to actually get onto a car this morning, without having to wait for 2-3, and have room to spare once inside... there was also another delay yesterday (cracked rail) on the same line, going in the opposite direction - i'm guessing a lot of riders said "screw-it" today and stayed home because it wasn't nearly as bas as it's been... i'm glad to be on vacation next week because by the time i have to back to work, service should be back to normal (i hope so anyway)...

so yea, i'm on vacation next week - i have about 5.5 weeks to use since my company is changing it's policy at the end of the year (we can only carry-over 4 weeks instead of 6)... i'll probably take a week in july, and then i'll use a week in september for our annual camping trip to the beach... i need to get better about taking days, i just always feel guilty for some reason... :(

monday i have a follow-up and adjustment with the chiro, and i also booked myself a 30-min massage - i bought 4 certificates at xmas and have yet to use them... sort of a "congrats on finishing your first 30-day challenge" present to myself... then on tuesday, we leave for my sister's for a few days and then it's up to pittsburgh for the 4th of july... we're taking the harley and hope to get in at least two good day-trips while up there - very exciting! the biggest fair in western PA also starts next week so i'm looking forward to going to that as well and possibly going to the drive-in, if we have time (yea, i'm a country girl at heart!)... :)

weekend will be busy: tomorrow, i have spinning at 8:30, then a hair appt, then i'm hoping to stop by my mom's so we can go blueberry picking... not sure if they're in yet but i'm hoping they are because i do love me some blueberries... sunday, we may be going to a motorcycle rally in johnstown, pa but if the weather is shady - then it will be the usual house/yard work and errands... :)

hope you guys have a great friday - TGIF...

totegirl  – (11:21 AM)  

You need to shed that guilt ASAP! I spend my days off like money. That's why I'm always so low in both! Maybe you shouldn't listen to me...

Teresa  – (12:57 PM)  

Have a wonderful holiday. Hope the weather cooperates for you. Relax and leave that guilt behind. All the best for a ton of fun.

Fatinah  – (6:35 PM)  

the whole time I worked I don't think I rolled over even one minute of vacation time! I don't know how you can function without the mental break!! I bet my bosses would LOVE you!!

Jodi  – (7:02 AM)  

definitely a long week! MJ was the first music i got 'into' as a kid and remember the day the guy behind me in gr.6 asked if i wanted to hear a cool song-- then came the opening music from Thiller! I had the orginal album til about a month ago when we were 'clean sweeping' the house -- no turntable!
Enjoy your holidays! I know the guilt thing but as posted above-- you need a mental break! Have a blast!

Lynn Haraldson-Bering  – (7:39 AM)  

I feel that way about MJ's "Off The Wall." He was actually sexy looking on that cover. Then came "Thriller" and not so much. But yeah, it's his kids I feel so badly for. I hope the adults in their lives keep them protected.

Enjoy da'burgh! I'll be there, too, only in a Jeep and in the 'burbs :) You're WAY more cool than me with your Harly.

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