one for you, two for me

i had a great weekend - made it to the gym for a spin class yesterday (8:30am) and it had been months since i had been... it was crowded and the music was a bit on the loud/obnoxious side, but it was good to be back in the swing of things... it's amazing how much better i felt, after exercising first-thing in the morning too - i just wish i could remember that feeling when i attempt the 6am class one day this week! eeks! ;)

after the gym, eric and i hit some yard sales - i only found one thing (a really nice, neiman marcus, light-weight sweater for $4) which is odd since i'm always finding more at these types of things... eric picked-up a 15" flat screen monitor for only $50 so he clearly got the gold-star for the day... as for the rest of the day - it was the usual stuff around the house (laundry, grocery shopping, etc) which eric puttered in the garage...

i had been wanting to try this recipe that i found on a angie's blog and even though i changed a few things (used lowfat ground beef instead of turkey, and part-skim ricotta intead of cottage cheese), it still came out awesome... i made two 9x9 pans so we have plenty'o leftovers for the week which is fine by me since lasagna keeps getting better the longer it sits in the fridge...

as for today, i went to pick my first batch of strawberries and even though the field was full of kids and inexperienced pickers (that was my very first job in jr. high), i still managed to fill my containers with lucious red berries in no time flat... i am already looking forward to having them on my cereal tomorrow morning as well as for lunch with some cottage cheese and banana... yummy! :)

as for today's exercise - i did the 3rd workout from the belly-off plan (short but hard) and then 30-mins of pilates... i know it doesn't count as cardio but i decided that it was still a workout, so in essense i have my changed my challenge to: 30 mins cardio AT LEAST 6 days a week, plus 1 pilates workout... eric grilled some hot dogs for dinner and i made sweet potato fries (from trader joes) and steam-fresh southwestern corn... we then hopped on the bike and took a nice ride north thru the country, stopped and had a beer at the local 'biker' bar, then came back home... i can't complain - my weekend was good... hopes yours was too... :)

below are some pics of our garden, the zucchini lasagana i made last night, and strawberries that i picked today... enjoy! :)

Hilly  – (8:18 AM)  

Your fresh veggies and fruit look so delish! I wish I had a garden like that too. :)

Teresa  – (2:43 PM)  

I have a over grown what is supposed to be veggie patch that needs some tlc before I can even consider planting anything. Unfortunately the temps have been on cool side too. Your garden looks lovely. Lucky you your hard work has paid off. Enjoy.

WillEatForComfort  – (5:29 PM)  

You're doing awesome with your challenge - congrats and keep at it!

Cara  – (11:13 PM)  

those look like some of the best strawberries in the world. mmmmmmmmm. i want some NOW. haha

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