okay, okay - i KNOW that pilates isn't considered cardio but was hoping at least ONE person would say, "sure, that counts"... i had a great 45-min eliptical workout today, burned almost 600 calories and went 4.5 miles... tomorrow, it will be spinning at 8:30 and then on sunday, i have my 3rd workout from the belly-off program... so far, so good... :)

i found these cute websited last night, full of all sorts of cool stuff... and if you drill farther down - there are even more links, to even more cooler sites... enjoy!

TGIF everyone! :)

Fatinah  – (5:44 PM)  

you're so funny!

good work on the eliptical!

is pilates off the table for you now??

Vale Design  – (6:41 PM)  

Thanks! Boy your workout sched puts my 3 miler today to shame :) Have a great weekend!

Lynn Haraldson-Bering  – (8:13 PM)  

OH hell yeah Pilates counts! Strength training your core is probably more important than the cardio, but then, that's just me... Maybe it doesn't burn the immediate calories, but building muscle always burns more calories in the long run.

WillEatForComfort  – (8:36 AM)  

I say pilates counts! It might be low impact, but it's definitely a cardio/strength training workout!

Rebecca  – (6:49 PM)  

did eric propose to you?! i swear those websites were lots of wedding/party stuff!!


totegirl  – (11:50 PM)  

Oh man, I miss pilates! Thanks for mentioning it.

Great job on recent workouts. You RAWK!!!!

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