i hate you scale

so i've been weighing myself daily since this challenge begins, i'm really torn on whether i should continue because it's not really helping... the scale was up a pound this morning and i know it's a number, and i know it's only been a week, and i know it's 'that time' but still... a cloud instantly covered my morning and has left me wondering: why am i stuck in the 160s, why does it get harder to lose weight, and why do i even care? i take good care of myself, i'm exercising every fricking day, and have never been a binge-eater or one that raids the fridge at 10pm... :(

these aren't really questions that i'm expecting answers too - i'm just thinking outloud/complaining because that's what this blog is for... to share my feelings and thoughts, and to show i am human and go through the same crap that other people do... this process has never been easy for me, i'm not sure why i expected things to be different this go-around... perhaps living with someone and the whole food/exercise business is more of a struggle than i'm wanting to admit... though eric has always been very supportive - when i was living on my own, i was eating pretty well during the week and exercise wasn't a problem... the reason for this challenge was to not only get back into the swing of things, but to force myself into being a priority again...

slowly but surely, i will get there...

happy hump day... :)

Rayna  – (10:17 AM)  

Hey! Good to see someone who doesn't like what they see in the mirror and who's doing something to change it.

I wouldn't worry about one pound, you can fluctuate up to two a day and dehydration/hydration alone can effect that.

I see your work out log to the right here and I noticed one thing: there doesn't appear to be any weight lifting? I'd highly recommend some if you're trying to loose weight. A lot of recent studies are showing that weight lifting actually burns more fat than cardio and it helps with bone density and the like.

Then again- you may be lifting and I may be missing it :-) Wouldn't be the first time I commented when the info was right in front of me.

JODI  – (10:28 AM)  

just to clarify~ i'm okay with what i see in the mirror, just not what the scale is saying right now... perhaps my bitching above came out wrong... ;)

and the 'belly-off' workout does contains weights on one day... i know lifting burns calories but after doing so for years, i think this is a good change for me (for now anyway)...


Rayna  – (10:32 AM)  

ha ha. Well then. You can forget everything I posted previously! :-)

Christina  – (11:12 AM)  

I hate the scale too! I am on track with eating and excercise, it's not TOM and I have gained 2.5lbs this week. I am so angry, I read your blog and feel like you are a kindred spirit. We can't and won't give up!

Vickie  – (11:17 AM)  

every time I read one of these type of posting - usually a few days later - they are writing about logging their food again - and the fact that this seems to recenter them.

It might be that someone else already mentioned this - or that you already do it - faithfully - but I thought I would bring it up as a topic - because it really is something that comes up in blog conversations again and again - as a focus factor.

Teresa  – (12:23 PM)  

I feel your frustration with the scale. Sometimes 1 + 1 does not equal 2 in the weight loss department. The body is a unique machine, everyone is tuned differently. Some people do seem to lose weight easier than others. Rest assured you are doing the right things. Don't let it get you down. Just relax and all will go well. All the best.

Kathleen  – (12:34 PM)  

Don't weigh every day.

I'm serious.

Just because it's messing with you -- and isn't helping. You can get yourself in a bad place, where your mood is dependent on what the scale says. As you know!

Sizzle  – (2:00 PM)  

You know I can relate. I've put my scale away until the end of the month. Once a month is enough. I get obsessive and lose focus. You can do it!

Jeni  – (2:50 PM)  

I am having this same issue right now and it's driving me crazy. But I still weigh every day. Sometimes I weigh at night too. I think it's good for me to see how certain meals, activities, etc. change my weight on a day to day basis, but I only track over a week so I can see the big changes too. Even so, sometimes the scale is just a big piece of poo and it sucks. Hang in there girl.

WillEatForComfort  – (3:20 PM)  

The scale is evil. No matter how logical I try to be, I use the scale to (quite literally) measure my progress. It really, really stinks. But you have to know that you've been doing an amazing job this month. You've stuck to your goals and you're doing what you set out to do: get back into exercising again. Im sure that the weight will start to come off shortly.

Maybe you could try staying off the scale for the next few days?

Hang in there and dont quit what you're doing - it will catch up to the scale!

Rapunzel  – (6:24 PM)  

Jodi, I find it harder to eat healthfully when living with Someone as well, especially if he is not the best eater in the world and yet stays skinny as hell! Not fair.

hang in there, the scale will eventually cooperate!

Jodi  – (9:40 AM)  

Jodi will you please post this same posting on my blog? sigh i am there with you!

Lori  – (8:44 AM)  

Do you do strength training? That can make a difference. I hear you about the scale not moving. I am not really concentrating on making it go down with my training, but it sure would be nice to be rewarded for all the hard work!

Regardless, all the good things you are doing are not just for the number on the scale. Sometimes we forget that :)

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