shh, i think margarita is calling me

i'm so glad the weekend is finally here! eric and i grabbed some dinner on the way home, at our favorite local thai joint... the green curry is amazing but i decided to try their pad thai and was not disappointed... we are now relaxing in front of the tv, not that anything good is on right now - why is that?!?!? perhaps there will be a good movie on later and then time for bed... :)

work was busy this week but i think my coworker and i handled things well considering we have a new website to learn and the boss was on vacation... yay team! i did SOME work today but not much, then took a good 40-min walk/jog outside and called it a day around 4:45... :)

weekend plans: my mom and i are going to a lavendar festival tomorrow - there will be cooking/craft demos and fields of pick-your-lavendar so it should be fun, weather depending... unfortunately, i will have skip tomorrow's spin class and go sunday instead (with the poopy instructor!)... i'm hoping to get in enough walking in tomorrow to count at my 30-min cardio but if not, i'll do something when i get home...

i hope everyone has a great, relaxing, and healthy weekend...

p.s. wedding crashers is on - finally, something to watch on tv! :)

Jenn  – (12:25 AM)  

Love Wedding Crashers! I told my hubby I wish we had it on DVD so we could watch the uncensored version!

Vickie  – (8:09 AM)  

I recorded Wedding Crashers last night - haven't watched it yet.

Rapunzel  – (9:41 AM)  

lavender is my favorite! I've got a big patch of it growing in my herb garden, when I'm feeling stressed I often just go out there and pick a stalk, take a deeeeep breath. always calms me. :)

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