after having a hell-ish night's sleep and not feeling well (tummy issues), i still managed to drag my ass to the 6am spin class this morning... since this was my first going to the gym before work - i was utterly amazed at how many people were there... i was number 13 on the list but by the time class started, i think maybe 2 bikes were empty - crazy! i didn't like the instructor - he played the music too loud (so you couldn't hear him) and he didn't really push you very hard... perhaps i will try the tuesday class instead because i think it's the same guy that i had on saturday and he's much better... i hate being so picky but i can't help it... :(

so after getting home and showering, i still wasn't feeling very well... knowing one thing might help, i made myself (ahem, ya-know) and i did feel much better... knowing i had to get something into my system though - i made eric and i a strawberry, banana, and peach smoothie (with a scoop of whey protein)... it was very yummy... i'm still not feeling 100% but had some chicken rice soup for lunch and am drinking a ginger ale right now, hoping it will calm my stomach... i'm going to try my best and make it thru the day but may need to head out if things don't improve... :(

and thanks to all who commented on my crappy post from yesterday - i have decided to NOT step on the scale again until july 1... and i will also make a better effort of tracking of my food intake using www.myfitnesspal.com (as recommended by anne)... perhaps something new will keep me motivated even more... :)

going to crawl under my desk now and take a nap...

happy thursday...


Vickie  – (2:05 PM)  

so sorry you are under the weather - hope it works its way out of your system and tomorrow is much better!

Rayna  – (3:34 PM)  

haha. are you from pittsburgh? I see you got your "go team" cheer in there! I see you're working in DC but if you're cheering for the Pens i assume there's some tie in.

Feel better!

Post-it Notes  – (4:15 PM)  

Way to go for making it to a spin class while not feeling well. Thats dedication!!

WillEatForComfort  – (8:42 PM)  

Go you for not feeling well, yet dragging your butt to the gym...at 6 am, nonetheless!

Rebecca  – (6:44 AM)  

hey jodi...

ugh...i here you about getting back on the bandwagon as well as cohabitating.

my SO eats frickin candy every night...sometimes it makes me just feel better caving.

your definately on the right path.

have a great weekend!

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