ugh, i am tired and VERY sore (got in two workouts today) but feel pretty good so far... the workouts are challenging, to say the least, but they are nothing i can't handle... it feels good to be doing something new so i feel this is just what i, and my body, needs... i had wanted to do the 6am spin class this morning but with the rain, i opted not too (even though i magically woke up at 6 anyway - grrr!)... i will try one of the spin classes this weekend for sure, probably on saturday before hitting some yard sales with the boy... :)

question: would pilates be considered cardio? i'd like to work in some different things, besides the usual treadmill/eliptical...

work has been very busy again - we launched our new website today so there was (and still is) much to format and fix... there's a whole new process to learn and it makes me miss the simpleness of using FTP - such is life, learning will do the mind some good! :)

weekend plans will be going to the gym, hitting some yard sales, picking strawberries (they're finally in season here though the rain hasn't been kind), and the usual house/yard work... it's been raining for 2 days, but they say it will be clear by saturday - can't complain about that... our garden, if anything, is totally LOVING it though... :)

happy thursday...

Lori  – (10:10 PM)  

I think pilates can be cardio if you work it hard enough. I have worked up a sweat with it, but really consider it more for flexibility than true cardio.

Kathleen  – (12:06 AM)  

I don't think Pilates is true cardio. It's hard work, but it doesn't necessarily get the heart pumping all that much. Love your blog, BTW. We're at a similar place right now. Losing a little bit of weight is hard, I think.

Teresa  – (1:05 PM)  

Hope the sun does find you this weekend and you can get to the yard sales. It rained for a solid week here, and was cold too. Sun is a shining now! Yippee.

Fatinah  – (2:56 PM)  

I don't think pilates is cardio at all. While you may sweat, sweat isn't what defines cardio. Cardio is getting your heart in your target zone.... so, I guess if you're wearing your heart rate monitor and your heart rate is up where it should be.... personally, I would do something active for cario.... but I'm a traditional gal!
(wink, wink!)

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