ever have those weeks when your meals are just out-of-whack? i didn't get to plan/prep like usual on sunday so it's been an interesting week food-wise... i will have to buy lunch again today, but am hoping that cosi has their roasted tomato soup because it was very tasty when i had it earlier this week... i have nothing against buying lunch but it's pretty expensive to eat out everyday, and as for healthy options - you really have to do your homework... we have a whole garden full of lettuce (still) so i should be taking advantage of that as much as possible - nothing like a free salad everyday! :)

my workouts have been going well (today i have two) and i actually look forward to them since they are so challenging... and it's been great not having to do the same thing each time because we all know how that goes - boredom comes easily when you do the same thing day-in and day-out... yesterday's treadmill workout was 45-mins of hills (and hard ones at that!)... :)

does anyone watch 'true blood' on HBO? eric got into it last season so we're watching it again this time around - just makes me laugh since it's so 'soap-opera' like... i had read online that there was this big sex scene at the end of the show, so what happens? eric's tivo stopped recording just before the good part - hahhahaha, made me laugh! he didn't think it was very funny... ;)

happy thursday...

Teresa  – (12:21 PM)  

I'm a brown bagger too. When I had the kitchen renovated it really cramped my style. Hope you find your tomato soup. Excellent workouts, keep up the great work.

No HBO for me :(

Fatinah  – (12:40 PM)  

you guys didn't miss anything more than he would have seen in season 1. It was kinda gross actually, because Bill bites Sookie and then she gets blood all smeared all over her face. I actually gaged.

My husband almost pisses himself laughing at Sookie's brother Jason. He just can't wait to see what he gets himself into next!!

Anonymous –   – (8:33 AM)  

Yeah, it was all naked sexy and then the blood? Gross!

I love the fact that Lafayette isn't dead...for now. He is my favorite!

Rapunzel  – (11:05 AM)  

I could've lived w/o the excessive blood as well, yuck.

Do love the show, tho, and like Hilly, Lafayette is my fave!

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