how did that get there?!

i knew the strawberry-picking would come back to haunt me - i not only have a huge bug bite behind my left ear, but i also have a nice patch of poison ivy on my left leg... i didn't notice it until yesterday and by the time i got home from dinner last night - the blister had turned into a huge bubble... i will leave out what happened next, but needless to say - it itches like crazy now so i'm trying my best to leave it alone! :(

yesterday was a rough one - i woke-up on the wrong side of the bed so my whole day was shot... i was grumpy and emotional - maybe PMS? i really hate this whole 'cycle' thing and miss not getting a period, but anyway (sorry!)... besides being in a bad mood, there was a lot to handle at work re: the new website so i had that to deal with that as well... then my girlfriends wanted to go to dinner after work - that's the last thing i wanted to do, but i went and enjoyed myself (just warned them ahead of time)... i also made a point of getting outside and got 50 mins of walking-in for the day! i could've easily skipped it but i didn't, so that's progress... :)

as mentioned above, i met some friends for dinner last night at P.F. Changs - i had never been there and thought it was good, though it reminded me of an asian cheesecake factory (which ironically, i had for dessert!)... it wasn't the most calorie-conscious dinner but that's nor here, nor there at this point... my 1st focus is to get in my daily-workouts and food will be a close 2nd... i'm doing well with the less sugar and have not used any in my coffee for almost a week (but am using the new sweetener truvia)... :)

happy tuesday...

Post-it Notes  – (10:50 AM)  

MMM, I love PF Changs! Good job getting your workout in and I hope your poison ivy feels better.

Weight Watchers Chic  – (11:09 AM)  

My son had poison ivy last summer. there is a great creme wash they sell at Walgreens.. can't remember the name but you wash the area with it and then rinse off.. his was better after 1 application.. it's a little pricey but works miracles. There are several brands, I think they all are the same thing

Teresa  – (11:46 AM)  

Sorry to hear you were out of sorts. Hope it passes quickly. Too bad about the poison ivy, but the berries were worth it. Take care and feel better soon.

WillEatForComfort  – (3:10 PM)  

Mmmm I love PF Changs. They're actually really good with menu modifications and will cook your food in broth instead of oil if you ask them to do so. cheesecake sounds soooo super yummy! Way to go on your walk!

Trainer Shauna  – (4:21 PM)  

Poison ivy!? Nasty! I love PF Changs! And Cheesecake Factory for that matter! :)

Fatinah  – (5:43 PM)  

poison ivy..... that has to be the worst!! get better soon!!

Rapunzel  – (8:56 AM)  

really enjoying your blog and thanks for being so honest about the "cycle thing." I myself am perimenopausal and the hormones are wreaking havoc on my weight and eating habits! Damned hormones!

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