what do you mean it's over?

it was hard getting up this morning considering i haven't used an alarm in over a week... it's good to be back at work though, and i'm glad it's been a quiet morning - it makes going thru email and catching-up that much easier... we finally got home last night around 7:30 after taking some alternate back roads to dodge some pretty bad 4th of july traffic - we like doing that sort of thing because we always pass some really nice houses and farms... and somewhere along the way - we lost the license plate on the motorcycle trailer, so now eric has to get a new one (wasn't even a week old!)... :(

the week started off great - had an adjustment and a wonderful (but hard, in a good way) massage on monday... we left for my sister's on tuesday and stopped by to see my dad - got to spend a few minutes w/him before he took his afternoon nap... on wednesday, we took the bike down to seneca rocks in WV, then back up to dolly sods which was this amazing U.S. wilderness area that has the climate of canada (it's the highest plateau east of the mississippi)... the roads were questionable, but we made it and then the rain came - my first time experiencing rain on the motorcycle... it was fun and interesting, but i'm not sure i would want to go thru it again anytime soon... we had made it back just in time too because the downpour started and didn't stop til a few hours later... on thursday - we were driving to go see my dad before heading to pittsburgh and saw a black bear alongside the road... he was trying to climb over the guard rail and though it was too late to stop and get a better look - we watched him dip-dop to the middle of the road behind us, and then carry-on to the other side... he was crazy big too...

as for the rest of our vacation - we spent a lot of time w/his family... got to help move the cows one day and meet the new additions - they are just too cute for words when they're that small... because of the crappy weather, we didn't get in another ride til friday afternoon and then went to a nice, neighborhood get-together at another farm down the road... having drinks around a beautiful pond is something i could definitely get used too! on saturday, his family had a cookout at the house and all the siblings and kids were there - we had thought most were going to go to the butler fair later but it ended up just being eric and i... the fair was a LOT of fun - we got to see lot of animals including my favorite - the huge belgian workhorses... the ones that we could actually pet were so sweet - their heads just towered over us but i still managed to get in a good nuzzle or too... one was quite the nibbler too, so we had to be careful not to get too close... i wanted to just go around and hug them all, but doubt my arms could reach far enough to do so - i'm telling you, they were enormous! and to cap-off the night - we went back home and set off fireworks in the backyard (shhh)... there were also a lot of other shows going on in the area, so we sat on the porch and watched those for a good hour or so... can't complain - it was a great 4th of july! :)

as for diet/exercise - that was pretty much null & void all week... i have the results of the first 4-weeks of my challenge and though they are not as good as i was expecting, it's still progress i guess... i will post those later since i forgot my organizer today... i will also post pictures from vacation later so stay tuned... :)

hope you have a great monday...

Teresa  – (11:16 AM)  

Vacations always pass too quickly. Hope you don't find your first day back at work to tiresome. Glad to hear you had a nice time. Can't wait to see some pictures.Too bad about the rainy weather, it has been awful here to. Have a good day.

Teresa  – (12:04 PM)  

Not following any specific diet. Read SB diet a few years ago. So I know the basics. Just cutting back on all things carb. Seems to work for some.

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