calories in, calories out

green monster (day 2) > today's smoothie consisted of the following ingredients and it was mucho-tasty... i also included the calories for each item (as listed on in case you're curious...

  • 1/2 c. light orange juice (50)
  • 1 1/2 c. spinach (10)
  • 1/4 c. blueberries (20)
  • 1/2 banana (53)
  • 5 frozen strawberries (20)
  • 1 tbsp salba (32)
  • ice
total calories > 185

bodybugg > eric sent me this link yesterday and i have to say i'm very intrigued... if it wasn't so expensive, i really think i'd buy one just so i could see how many calories are being burned during a workout... it also keeps track of how many calories your're taking in, which could be a huge help if you're the type of person who doesn't like tracking or using an online service... so my question is - would you use a tool like this? just curious...

exercise > i didn't go to the gym today (stupid work) and am thinking about finding another workout for my non-cardio days... i've thought about going thru my current workout routines and creating new ones, but i'm feeling bored for some reason... i was on prevention's site earlier and saw a few that looked pretty interesting - guess i need to sit down and start planning...

food > has been good so far... we grilled some chicken breasts on sunday so for dinner last night - i made enchiladas... i used the whole wheat mission brand tortillas and you couldn't even tell the difference between those and the regular white flour kind (eric agreed)... we also made brown rice and these great refried pinto beans from trader joe's - talk about yummy! i could just those by themselves! and the best part - leftovers tonight! :)

happy tuesday...

Lacey  – (4:42 PM)  

Hey Jodi :) I'm a long time reader, but seldom comment. I've wanted a body bugg for a long time, but just pre-ordered the fit bit as it was cheaper, and you don't have to pay for the online service. I'm hoping it turns out to be everything it claims. Just thought I would pass along the info.

Fatinah  – (7:15 PM)  

I track everything - but I hate, hate, hate tracking stuff online. Always end up having to add to many things manually and I find it too time consuming. I really like writing stuff down and having a collection of journals to look at. I know, I know, I'm a total freak, but there you go!!

Lori  – (7:25 PM)  

Sounds like you like your smoothies!

I have a GoWear fit - it is made by the BodyBugg people, but a lot cheaper. I really like it!

Vickie  – (7:46 PM)  

I am wondering what people DO with all the information - like adjust daily food to match output? And feel that it is enough to just track calories (in and out) or all the sub categories within food (fat, protein, carbs, etc).

Not saying that any of this is bad - just wondering - ?

when ever I am in a class and someone asks how many calories they are burning - it makes me feel uncomfortable - like they are calculating what they can stop and order on the way home.

I guess I have just never adjusted food based on exercise - unless I was recovering from surgery and not able to exercise AT ALL.

Do you think most people do this? and do you have any idea if this attitude is more likely to maintain (long run) or less likely? I guess I am thinking of all the tracking on the Biggest Loser - and I always thought they thought way too much about limiting their input and not enough about balance and nutrition.

JODI  – (9:17 AM)  

i'm not sure how many people DO or WOULD use a device like this, i am just curious to see how many calories i'm actually burning while working out... they say most of the machines in the gym are way off so if it says i've burned 500 calories and really, it was only 400 - that may push me to go a little longer... if i'm trying to reach a certain goal each day, i think this would help tremendously...

and i agree - people should concentrate on WHAT they're eating and HOW to make better choices... :)

Rebecca  – (9:39 AM)  

i have the gowear fit too...been meaning to post about it...

its very surprising how little i dont burn. seriously. my target of caloric burn a day is 3440 and ive only reached it once or twice. could be why my body doesnt drop weight very fast.

another thing i love about it is that it tracks how many steps you take. ive defintaley doubled my distance.

i used to walk only 2500 a day and after wearing that a week, i bumped up my steps to 5000 now i average about 8000.

it's not that expensive...i say go for it!

Teresa  – (11:18 AM)  

I need to get back to tracking, but will have to do it myself. Your shake looks very reasonable calorie wise. Does it keep you full through till lunch? I'm still working my way through Mondays mexician fiesta, think there will be one more lunch out of it for tomorrow. Have a great day.

JODI  – (1:17 PM)  


i haven't noticed the GM keeping me fuller, longer - i eat breakfast around 7:30 and have my mid-morning snack between 10 - 10:30... for those of you that use salba - should i be using more than 1 TBSP in my smoothie?

Rebecca  – (3:32 PM)  

i use a protein powder and i dont feel any fuller.

i still have my normal snack at the scheduled time.

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