lazy sunday

it's been a great sunday, considering it's our first one w/out having to go anywhere, in over two weeks... the yard needed mowing, the laundry needed to be done, groceries had to be bought, and the house needed to be cleaned - sounds fun, eh? we managed to get the majority of things done by 1:00 so the rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy - i read some of my woman's health and watched some triple-D on the food network... for dinner - we'll be grilling shrimp (and chicken for later this week) and having a complete salad from our garden, as well as some green beans that are coming-in like gang busters... we'll have plenty to eat in the next few weeks, as well as freeze... :)

our quick trip to pittsburgh was nice - we stopped to see a friend of eric's from college on friday night, who recently bought a bowling alley from his parents... he's in the process of fixing it up and though there's much to do, i can see a lot of potential (remember that show 'ed')... from there, we headed to eric's brother's house and then stayed there for the night, before heading to the anniversary party on saturday... his parents were under the impression that this party was for eric's sister so when we yelled "surprise" for them instead, they were quite shocked! all of the kids and grandkids were there, so it was a nice afternoon... we hit the road after it was over and made it home in about 4 hours (i even got to drive the mini for a good portion)... :)

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anyway, here are some pics from today's harvest... enjoy the rest of your sunday! :)

Teresa  – (12:56 PM)  

Your garden veggies look yummy, my jealous. Never got around to planting a garden this year. Sounds like a nice weekend spent around the house. Have a good Monday.

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