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i have to be honest with you guys, esp. since kathleen over at pink bunny foo foo mentioned me in her post today... i haven't been following WW or any other plan, as of late - perhaps i would've lost more on my 30-day challenge if i HAD... and i know this will sound lame, but a part of me was like "i can only do so much at a time", so i chose exercise over food... granted - i didn't go hog-wild the whole time, but i didn't track anything either and i know it makes a difference (how long have i been at this again?)... once i get my next challenge firmed up - i'll sit down and figure out what my next step will be - count calories, go back to WW, who knows...

i also wanted to comment on something kathleen said...

"i honestly believe that the best thing for me is non processed foods and moderation. i just simply can't follow a specific program. i don't want to be on a program for maintenance, i just want to continue to read blogs, magazine and books that teach me about nutrition and what healthy eating means and looks like - i am a visual person."

seriously - this could be me... it's not that i hate following a plan - it works when you follow it perfectly and we all know what happens after a few weeks/months/years... you get bored, or tired, or maybe you've lost the weight and now you're ready for something else... a plan, to me, is a guideline/tool - it shows you what to do, how much to eat, how much to exercise, how much to drink, what you should avoid or cut-back on, how much to exercise, etc.... it's not rocket science, but for some people - they need structure/order... i have to wonder though - maybe i'm not that type... after all the years that i've been struggling to lose weight, i can definitely see a trend/cycle - i do really well and then i stop... i know we all have cycles but have you ever stopped and asked yourself, "why?"...

ugh, sorry to get heavy there - just thinking outloud again...

now onto some fun stuff! hilly posted some funky hairdos on her blog today, so of course i had to try this nifty tool myself... i'm not sure why i chose the styles that i did, but everytime i have a dream and can see myself - my hair is much longer... weird... don't get any ideas, eric - i like my hair short (though the first one is quite nice!)... ;)

happy thursday...

rico  – (5:26 PM)  

Oh I do like the first one too! rrrroooow!

Fatinah  – (8:12 PM)  

In some ways I can so relate to what your wrote.... however... I am like a person with a mental disease who has been on their meds, starts feeling well, thinks they no longer need meds... but they do. I follow my program, lose my weight, think I don't need said program anymore.... but I do. It really wasn't that long ago that I came to accept that I will have to journal and count till I'm dead in the ground. I'm just hoping that all this journaling and counting gets me in the ground WAY later than sooner!!

You look smokin' in that first hair do! (as you always do!!)

Rebecca  – (11:28 PM)  

if there is one thing i have noticed by being on the WW boards, is that although I may be heavier by a lot than most of the ladies..i'm not asking what cookies, cakes, chips etc have the least amount of points.

i have a hard time staying within my 24 points but i am happy with the choices i am making. my foods are natural and unprocessed and some do contain more fat than say a low fat granola bar which is filled to the brim with processed sugars!

it definately gets complicated when you try to eat healthy but are attempting to lose weight.

ugh...i just went through this.. its not really 'tough', but why cant it be easy?!

SunflowerDaisies  – (11:40 PM)  

I relate to that too. I kind of have tried the plans, but they just don't really work that well with me. I've always been a "cyclical" person with lots of ups and downs and struggled with consistency. And it's usually on the "down part" that gets me into trouble. I just have to try and work myself back up again. That sometimes takes a bit and is tricky. When I tried to lose weight a couple years ago, I was very regimented with counting calories, and it about drove me crazy!

Teresa  – (11:50 AM)  

Excellent post. You have to find something that you can live with for the rest of your life. Have a fun weekend, hope it's nice and sunny.

Lisa  – (3:14 PM)  

I like the first one too!

- Lisa

Jenn  – (1:22 PM)  

OMG those hairdos are awesome - love the flowing blonde locks, lol!
I hear ya on the plan thing. I've followed probably every one ever created, and here I am, still battling the bulges.
So now I'm doing my own thing - watching my calories, of course, but eating well. Seems to be working so far! I really wanted to do something that would become my way of life, not something I "start" and "stop".

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