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thanks to all that shared some of their green monster ideas yesterday... if you check-out angela's website - she has posted a ton of recipes from other bloggers... i also read about salba and ordered two bottles last night so i can use that in my smoothies (amazon had the best deal)... here are just a few of the healthy benefits it offers:

  • nature's highest source of omega-3s and fiber
  • controls food cravings
  • supports digestive health & detoxification
  • source of natural energy & stamina
i promised to post the results of my 1st 30-day challenge - here are the results:
  1. 30-min cardio (min) daily - 29/30 days
  2. do the "belly-off" program 3x/week - check!
  3. take a class at the gym 1x/week - check! most weeks i took 2 spin classes
  4. do better at tracking points (esp. sat/sun) - didn't track anything :(
  5. cut-back on sugar - check!
  6. lose 5 pounds - lost 3.8
  7. not feel guilty about putting myself first - work-in-progress
starting weight: 164
ending weight: 161.2
loss: 3.8 pounds

starting measurement (total): 160.5"
ending measurement (total): 157.5"
loss: 3"

i believe my next 30-day challenge will involve a different smoothie, every morning - there are endless possibilities as far as ingredients go, so that should be an easy one... then again - i'm going on vacation at the end of the month, so that may pose a problem, but we'll see... i also may sign-up for a kick-boxing class - i just need to look at the gym calendar (as well as my own) and see if it will work... :)

happy hump day...

Anne  – (2:16 PM)  

Those are really great result Jodi! Way to go!

Vickie  – (11:31 PM)  

have you asked your back doc about kick boxing - there aren't very many things that they told me never to do - but kick boxing was a never. . .

Rebecca  – (9:51 AM)  

interesting info about the salba..see if i can find a small bottle at Whole Foods before I commit..

i forgot to add in my recipe for Green Monsters i use flax meal as well, it definitely adds a nutty flavor.

JavaChick  – (10:47 AM)  

Congrats! It looks like you did great at most of your goals and a loss of almost 4 pounds is fantastic!

Good job!

Teresa  – (12:14 PM)  

Thats great progress! Keep up the wonderful work. Yeah.

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