So on my walk home from the metro yesterday, I managed to fall on the sidewalk not even a block from the house... I scraped both knees, both palms, and my chin - what am I? Six? I hobbled home and didn't let the tears fall til I walked thru the door - Eric didn't know what was going on... He took care of me though - cut off my pantyhose, washed the wound, slathered it with neosporin, and bandaged it up... I feel like an idiot and am thankful this didn't happen the week of my wedding... I'd be hobbling down the aisle!

Needless to say, I hurt everywhere and managed to last until 1:00 at work... Am headed home to take some pain pills, have some soup, and park my ass on the couch...

Happy tuesday - not! :-(

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Camevil  – (2:42 PM)  

Ugh. Knee scrapes always hurt worse a day or two after the fall. Poor you!

Sizzle  – (9:13 PM)  

Oh no! I fall down a lot so I sympathize. :(

Vickie  – (6:16 AM)  

I live in fear of falling and doing something in. I totally can understand how upsetting it is. glad that you didn't sprain or break anything.

a friend of mine's husband was out playing laser tag with his grandkids (in the dark) and fell and ended up cracking his HIP and needing surgery. He is very fit and it was a shock to all.

Teresa  – (11:59 AM)  

I've done the arse over kettle trick myself. Hope you're not to sore and are on the mend. Nice of your guy to take such good care of you. Take care.

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